When deciding top top a pet, size matters. How huge your pet may get and how much space it will need variable into the decision (especially for pet owner in apartments or smaller sized living spaces.) Leopard geckos are great pets for a variety of reasons, and also their size provides them an choice for nearly anyone searching for a tiny pet or reptile.

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Adult leopard geckos may flourish on typical to 7-10 inch from nose to tail and weigh 50-80 grams. Female leopard geckos mean 7 come 8 customs in size at 50-70 grams, if males will certainly be slightly bigger at 8 to 10 inches long weighing 60-80 grams. Hatchling leopard geckos mean 3 come 4 inches in length and also weigh only a couple of grams.


Giant and Super huge Leopard Geckos

Giant and also Super gigantic leopard geckos room morphs genetically bred especially to maximize their size. These leopard geckos might reach nearly 12 inch in length and weigh around 130-150 Grams. (The biggest on document weighed in roughly 170 grams.)The super large gene is recessive, and these leopard gecko morphs may command a high price.

How fast do leopard geckos grow?

Leopard geckos have their fastest period of expansion when they room young, wherein they room feeding everyday and also shedding often. Healthy leopard geckos frequently reach their complete adult size within their an initial year.

Does tanks size impact the development of my leopard gecko?

Tank size does not have a huge impact top top the size of her leopard gecko, despite it might greatly influence its quality of life.Keeping a pet in one enclosure too little will limit its capacity to move around, get exercise, find places come hide or sleep, hunt for food, or regulate its body temperature.A juvenile leopard gecko will execute fine in a 10 gallon tank. Once they’re full size, think about a 20 gallon or larger enclosure. For leopard geckos, floor space is far better than height due to the fact that they are not avid climbers.

Factors that influence the dimension of a leopard gecko

Leopard Gecko Genetics

The gene inherited indigenous a leopard gecko’s parental play a significant role in the size as well as other factors such that pattern and color. You can read much more in our post about leopard gecko genetics.

Sex and Leopard Gecko Size

Males leopard geckos are generally larger 보다 females, as outlined in the graph above.

Proper Feeding and Nutrition

Having access to a it is provided of quality food not just affects the basic health of your leopard gecko, but enables it to grow to a organic size.Malnourished geckos will have tendency to it is in smaller and underweight. Wrong diet, not gut loading feeder insects, or being bullied by a more dominant gecko might all add to no getting sufficient food.Check the end our leopard gecko feeding guide for more information on what come feed your gecko.

Wrap Up: How large do leopard geckos get?

Leopard geckos are reasonably small reptiles, which provides them a good option as a pet. Castle can selection from 7-10 inch long and around 70 grams ~ above average. Special super gigantic morphs may be a few inches longer and practically twice the weight.
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