The handmade beer to explode is well underway and also if her bar there is no addressed this phenomenon, you’re walking to it is in left behind.

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The bar organization is an ext competitive 보다 ever. Customers are coming to be increasingly savvy and are feather for amazing draft beers. By offering a broader tap selection, more frequent madness rotation and guest insanity takeovers, you have the right to make your bar more attractive to craft beer drinkers. Because this niche of bar customers is growing rapidly, the in your ideal interest to satisfy their needs.

There room several other reasons why you may want to market a robust choice of breeze beers:

Draft beer is distinct in the it’s only available at bars – You can drink bottles of beer anywhere, yet if you desire to acquire a pint that beer (which is the means it to be intended to it is in served), you’ll should go to a bar. Having actually a an excellent selection of breeze beers is critical selling allude that create a compelling reason for customers to select your bar over your competitors.Number that rounds theory – Customers tend to think in terms of how countless beers lock drink as opposed come how countless ounces that beer they drink. Since bottles are offered in 12 oz. Portions and drafts are generally 16 oz. Portions, promoting draft beer deserve to increase your check averages.

If you space going to cater come a handmade beer clientele, you will need to get the “behind-the-scenes” elements of this business right in order to ensure this aspect of your business remains profitable. Perhaps the most important issue to job-related out entails how to price draft beer.

Explosion that the craft Beer sector Creates new Challenges with Pricing breeze Beer

Just a few years ago, many bars commonly carried in between 6-10 beers on draft. However, the rapid rise in the popular of craft beers has had actually a far-ranging impact on breeze beer sales. Today, numerous bars have actually 20-40 taps in order come showcase a broader variety of handmade beers.

The explode of the craft beer sector has produced some brand-new challenges connected with pricing breeze beer:

Tap rotation – plenty of bars will revolve the beers they have actually on draft. A typical practice is to save about fifty percent the beers top top the tap list year-round and also rotate the other half periodically. If tap rotation provides your client with higher variety, it also increases the should update her pricing frequently.Variety the keg size – The classic 15.5 gallon half barrel and also 13.2 gallon half barrel (European import) kegs space still the most common keg sizes. However, the handmade beer industry has provided rise to smaller sized kegs, and many beers are now being distributed in 4 minutes 1 barrel and sixth barrel kegs. The addition of these brand-new keg sizes deserve to make price calculations much more difficult.High alcohol beers – numerous craft breweries are creating high alcohol beers that have become an extremely popular. In bespeak to balance out the cost of this beers and also due come responsible company considerations, they are regularly served in smaller sections (typically a 10 oz. Glass because that beers that space 7% ABV or higher).

All the these components increase the frequency v which you must make pricing decisions, and they also make this pricing decisions much an ext complex.

Factors to consider when Pricing breeze Beer

When considering exactly how to price breeze beer it’s great to identify a liquor cost range that you’d choose to accomplish for her draft beer. Given a certain part size and a details cost per draft beer, what price will enable you to attain your target liquor cost?

The typical selection for draft beer liquor cost is 20% to 26%. Store in mind the this expense may be slightly greater for quick casual establishments and also dive bars the are compelled to complete on price, and the liquor price may be slightly reduced for greater end bars, venues, and also stadiums because they have actually the capability to fee a greater price every beer.

Once you’ve established your target liquor cost for draft beer, friend must also consider the following factors:

Tax – You require to ago out the tax since it’s money that you nothing take. You’ll require to consider this as soon as determining how to price her draft beer.
Portion sizes –
A 14.5 oz. To water in a 16 oz. Glass is typical (this permits for head). A 10 oz. Pour is generally standard because that beers through an alcohol content of 7% or higher.Strategic pricing considerations – You deserve to run greater costs on much more expensive beers because you have the right to still make an ext per drink (more top top this below).

Determining exactly how Much profit You do Per beer

The complying with chart breaks under the lot of benefit you’ll make per beer based on the price of a standard 15.5 gallon keg:

Cost per 15.5gal keg

Cost every 14.5 oz serving*

20% LC pricing**

Profit per pint***

























































* To calculate this cost per beer, divide the variety of ounces in the keg (1984 oz.) by a 14.5 oz. Serving. This will offer you your wholesale price per pint.

** If you’re aiming because that a 20% liquor expense simpy multiply the price per beer by 5 will provide you the price to fee to each customer. This is the price you have to charge per beer based upon the cost of the keg and also serving size. Girlfriend should always round up to a more sensible and convenient price for the customer.

*** keep in mind the the when the liquor expense is collection at 20% in this example, the actual benefit per beer increases as the expense of the keg increases. The most usual area ~ above this graph for common craft beer kegs is the $100-$120 price range. If she serving higher end beers and making a larger profit margin on every beer, the an opportunity to de-emphasize liquor cost and price this beers an ext aggressively.

The reason for this is that you’re tho going to make much more money per beer once you market high finish beers. If you can price them more aggressively, this beers will stand out in terms of value which should entice more customers to purchase them. Ultimately, this will an outcome in selling an ext beers the yield a high benefit per beer (though in ~ a reduced margin). Top top the other hand, if girlfriend price your low end beers much more aggressively, it will many likely reason you to rise your sales of these lower profit margin items.

Therefore, through pricing her high end beers an ext aggressively, you can boost your overall profits and also draft beer sales even though your margin per beer will certainly be a little lower. As soon as thinking around your target liquor cost, you may want to shoot because that 20% top top low end beers however aim because that a slightly greater liquor expense on high end beers (approximately 25%) since it will benefit your profitability in the lengthy run.

Divide the variety of ounces in the keg by the serving dimension you use to determine how many beers are in the keg. for example, 1984 oz./14.5 oz. = 137 beers every keg. The complying with chart tells you how countless ounces space in each conventional keg size:

15.5 gal/ 1/2 barrel keg


13.2 gal/ Euro keg


7.75 gal/ 1/4 barrel keg


5.17 gal/ 1/6 barrel keg


Divide the expense per keg by the variety of beers to recognize the expense per beer. for example, $100 keg/137 beers = 73 cents per beer.Divide the price per beer by the revenue price every beer. because that example, $0.73/$4.00 = 0.18 or 18% cost.

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If you didn"t come here for a mathematics lesson just read on and we"ve do a cost-free downloadable calculator which will do all of this for you on any kind of sized keg simply by entering the price etc.historicsweetsballroom.com’s draft beer pricing tool renders the process easy andoffers several important benefits:

Factors in taxWorks on any size kegWorks on any section sizeElimenates need for mathematics (we go it because that you)

Simply click the image below to soon download our Excel based draft Beer Pricing Calculator for FREE!


To get customized references for just how to price draft beer at her bar or to schedule a complimentary profitability consultation, please contact historicsweetsballroom.com today. We offer bars and also restaurants nationwide from our workplaces in Denver, Colorado.