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Can part please call me what a completely builts stock SBC 350 weighs. By finish I median from the pan as much as the carb..... Thanks....Dave

Poncho"s around right. However, with stock cast iron heads, manifold, headers, starter, generator (AC?) dirt, grease and knuckle-blood it have the right to run 600+The short answer is that it is very heavy. Don"t get under it!

A ceiling cast-iron quick block (just the block) weighs around 190-200 pounds. An aluminum block is about fifty percent that.

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ya bare block is choose 200 pounds. I carried my block down to the basement around a month back and carried it earlier out to the garage a couple of days ago by myself plus having actually to open up the doors . Anyone can lug one really unless ur yes, really weak or old lol. Im 15 and i regulated fine
ya ceiling block is prefer 200 pounds. I carried my block under to the basement around a month back and brought it back out come the garage a couple of days back by myself plus having to open up the doors . Everyone can lug one really unless ur yes, really weak or old lol. Im 15 and i controlled fine
I don"t understand if the weak or old part are relevant, but I do know if you room smarter than the block friend wouldn"t try carrying the by yourself the far. You only have one ago and it has to last girlfriend a life time. At some time brains are better than muscle :mwink: Royce
Royce (NO XQSSS) Bradley1970 Camaro 385ci 11.90"s on street tires, pump gas, no nitrous, no trailer.Harley FXR
Yeah...well...I don"t know around you, Royce, however I didn"t have numerous brains as soon as I to be 15 and I"m nice sure many of lock weren"t in my head!!Daveimp:

I"ll shot not come take that personally
LOLheh robin ns in cow town too
Hey I"m smart prefer fencepost, too! ns just established why there space so many of you north boys top top this bulletin plank ... What else do you have to do this time of year?? Hey this morning it must have actually been almost down to 45F ! i was wishing I"d worn a cap to cover the bald spot (and the takes a large cap).LOL Bluesman!!!!!!!!!!!
I simply ran throughout these two sites and thought some of you would be interesting. They have actually an amazingly finish list that engine weights!!!Dave
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