Adrienne Bailon Houghton, 36, shared a brand-new bikini video clip to Instagram, reflecting off her 20-pound load loss.

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The genuine co-host wrote in the caption it’s to be a year since she’s mutual a bikini photograph to Instagram.Bailon overhauled she diet and also exercise routine as soon as she to be filming The Masked Singer to shed weight.

Adrienne Bailon Houghton just showed off she dramatic load loss. The former Cheetah girl singer and also The real co-host shared a bikini video to Instagram—the first in a year—with a an extensive caption detailing her 20-pound weight loss journey.

“During this time an ext than ever... Staying healthy and balanced is at the height of my mind! This is my very first post in a shower suit since losing 20 pounds,” she wrote in the caption. “Now... I’ve lost weight prior to but constantly gained it back... Due to the fact that I was dieting and also not transforming my lifestyle!”

Last year, the actress said she “had enough” and also was tired of complaining. She made decision to take activity and overhaul she habits. “Well, i made major changes like selecting to eat plant based 🌱 transforming my whole relationship with food and also working out!” Bailon said. “I’ve been continual with my self-discipline (although it’s to be so hard at times). I’m constantly reminding myself that the greatest type of self-love is self-discipline!”

The 36-year-old is encouraging rather to make healthy transforms while grounding in quarantine. “Drink your water, squat, rest, read, pray, take her vitamins, eat your veggies! (Preaching to myself to store going! Lol.) It’s a new month! Let’s perform this!” she concluded.

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Fans submarine the short article with messages of congratulations. “You watch fantastic, Adrienne! and most importantly, therefore happy the you’re emotion fantastic, too!” one pan wrote, while an additional person commented, “Proud the you and feeling inspired!”

In December, Bailon mutual a video clip to she YouTube channel all around her load loss journey. “I desire to it is in healthy. I don’t desire to walk on a diet, I want this to be a lifestyle,” she recalled thinking before overhauling her diet and fitness routine. The singer wrote out she goals and gave herself part deadlines. “For me this wasn’t a human body makeover—it was mind, body, and soul.”

To shed weight, Bailon claimed she would certainly eat greens, oatmeal with blueberries, avocado toast ~ above Ezekial bread or rice cakes, or protein shakes because that breakfast. Her lunches frequently were salads with arugula, peppers, and other veggies. She snacked ~ above nuts and popcorn, and also for dinner, the singer ate vegan chili, lentil soup, roasted mushrooms, kale, and also steamed broccoli.

“I felt so good about myself because I was filling myself through such nutritional foods,” she said, adding that she also would drink a gallon the water a day. Warm water through lemon helped her combat cravings. She also skipped dining out.

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Bailon likewise amped up her fitness routine as soon as she to be filming The masked Singer in the fall. “Preparing because that The masked Singer really helped me through my fitness goals. I knew the I’d be singing, dancing in ~ the same time and also doing every one of that with a 20-pound fit on me,” she said. It influenced her to get her stamina up.

“I would gain on the elliptical an equipment every day, every morning. Ns did 45 minute a day and I would sing at the peak of my lungs everything song ns was prepare for,” she said. She likewise did strength training and used 8 Fit application for workouts in ~ home.

“I was so focused on mine goal and shooting Masked Singer and doing these performances, honestly ns didn’t notice I was losing the weight till we had to tape mine costume in,” she said. Once I got earlier to The Real in September, everyone was like, ‘You’re so tiny!’”

Bailon said seeing the distinction was “crazy.” “There’s something for this reason dope around achieving your goals and for me, it was discovering I absolutely have the right to do this. It is possible. It simply takes self-discipline. And that renders me feel great,” she said.

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