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Getting Started raising Emu

When a couple of our friends started raising ostrich, they invited united state to join them at a seminar top top raising big birds. After discovering the basics about emu farming, we made decision to invest in this fast-growing business.

Our home was tho under construction out in the rural part of north Texas. We both worked permanent in the city at office jobs. Weekends, we tried to make a small progress top top finishing the end the internal of the house. V our limited construction experience, we set out on this brand-new adventure, hoping to buy some birds and also get started on our future.


Big Bird Business

This was the late nineties and the market was booming with breeder pairs selling for forty to fifty thousand dollars for mated pairs. Birds with a track record of egg production were in high demand with price rising.

The finish market to be anticipated as a healthy resource of red meat along with eggs, feathers, emu skin commodities like purses and also belts and other provides from the functional birds. It every sounded quite promising, however there were part drawbacks. Us were no farmers nor had actually we ever raised livestock. Hope to learn more, we joined the Emu Association and also met other farmers ready to mentor us.


This is one emu ranch the housed lot of breeder pairs, a hatching barn and also dozens that birds.

Peg Cole


We visited an emu ranch v breeders laying 11 to 20 eggs per season to research tracking approaches for egg production, learn about incubators, flower time, and also assigning bird identification numbers.

With the price of a breeder pair out of our financial reach, we chose to buy 6 hatchlings. If we worked on structure our pens, the breeders housed our young stock till they were practically six months old.


How Much an are Does an Emu Require?

Emu require room to run as they space quite energetic birds. A minimum that thirty through one hundred-foot (30 x 100') pen is recommended every pair. The fencing demands to be six-feet tall so lock can't jump end the top. They space energetic jumpers. They likewise need the shade for their feed pens, roughly 8 foot-square because that the food shelter, although, lock don't remain inside the shelters at night.

Building the Emu Pens

We purchase an auger to drill feet to set the fence short articles in the ground roughly 18 inches deep, pour it until it is full the base v pebbles, then, leveling the poles and setup them in quick-set concrete. We rented a trench-digger and also dug two-hundred feet the water lines from the main line come the new pens to acquire water to the drink troughs. Then, us started structure the feed shelters. Us soon discovered what farmers have known because that years; farming is tough work.

Farm occupational Is 24/7

Thankfully us were supplied to difficult work. After working our work jobs, we'd come home and also drill feet in the clay-based soil to set fence poles and also build the sheds. After that, we brought in truckloads that sandy loam and also shoveled the dirt around the pens. Our office-worker muscles grew strong with the effort.

Digging the trenches for the water line.

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We called one pair of bird Hicks and also Ripley after the movie "Aliens." The others were Scarlet and also Rhett and also Popeye and Olive Oyl.

Peg Cole

Emu end Products

Little is wasted of the harvested bird through 95% of the finish product being placed to use.

Emu skin is used in making leather assets like boots, belts, wallets and also handbags.Feathers are supplied in the automotive paint procedure for dusting.The meat is lean and a healthy replacement because that red meat, high in iron and protein and low in cholesterol.Medical uses encompass parts the the bird like veins because that arterial replacement and corneas because that surgical replacement.Emu oil is provided to treat arthritis, burns and also stretch marks, eczema and also leg cramps.

Catching an emu is harder than it looks.

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The an initial of 6 young birds to come home with us, this one is approximately five month old.

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Putting the bird in their new pen

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Getting supplied to their new surroundings

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