Laying down new grass have the right to work wonders in regards to revitalizing her yard. The gorgeous green grass pops and also serves as perfect backdrop for whichever pieces of the end décor you setup on installing.

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You don’t need to spend a long time in search of the grass perfect for her yard either. Pallets that sod space widely obtainable these days. Master can even go to home Depot and also get every the pallets needed to cover your yard.

An separation, personal, instance pallet of sod at home Depot prices $500. The price suggest is consistent for different varieties of sod including Bermuda, bluegrass, centipede, fescue, St. Augustine, and also zoysia. It’s additionally worth pointing out that an separation, personal, instance pallet of sod from house Depot consists 500 square feet.

If you’re looking to cover her yard in new grass, friend can gain the sod pallets you need from house Depot. Discover out an ext about those sod prices and also other relevant topics by reading on.

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Buy Sod by Pallet or by Plugs?Cost the Sod TypeRelated Questions

Sod price at house Depot

Size of Sod PurchasedPrice
Plugs (64-Count)$100
Plugs (32-Count)$50
Plugs (16-Count)$40

Home Depot Sod Pallet Prices

These days, you can purchase sod fromdifferent retailers. You have the right to purchase sod directly from ranches or regional nurseries. Homeowners can additionally look for landscaping stores and other specialty retailers to find the grass castle need.

If you don’t want to spend too much time looking for sod, you can always go to home Depot.A pallet of sod over there will expense you $500. Shipment for the sod pallets is also complimentary so you have the right to save some money if making your convenient purchase.

Notably, the price the the sod pallet stays the same regardless of which kind you’re getting. Feel free to acquisition whichever type of sod pallet you require without letting expense influence her decision.

Cost that Sod Pallets according to Size

Pallet dimension (In Square Feet)Price Range
400$320 come $340
450$360 come $380

It’s necessary to understand that the pallets offered by residence Depot are sized at 500 square feet per piece. You can cover a the majority of ground with that lot of sod. However, the may additionally be too lot sod for her needs.

Sod pallets likewise come in smaller sized sizes. Friend can find pallets that measure at 400 come 450 square feet from various other retailers. A smaller sized pallet such as that may suffice because that the application you have actually in mind.

Typically, sod is offered in the price selection of $0.80 to $0.85 per square foot. Upscaling from there, girlfriend can acquire a great sense of how much the will price to acquire the sod girlfriend need.

A pallet that covers 400 square feet will certainly run you close come $340. The larger option the covers 450 square feet will expense closer to $380.

Buy Sod through Pallet or through Plugs?

Since both sod pallets and also plugs room widely available, you might be wondering which choice is far better for her home. Figuring the end the answer come that inquiry is straightforward enough.Sod pallets are sensible purchases if you’re planning come make big changes to your yard. Use them if you want to try out new grass on her lawn.

The pallets also make sense if her yard has actually sustained a many damage and you desire to reclaim it. Making use of pallets will certainly certainly help restore the former glory of her yard and it will execute so quickly.

Meanwhile, the plugs are finest used for minor repairs. While installation something in your yard recently, friend may have accidentally carved out a big divot. Your dog may have also been digging things up in her yard, leading to sizable feet appearing.

Purchase plugs in ~ that suggest and usage them come patch up the problem spots in your yard. Remember that sod plugs are sold at different numbers too. Friend should be able to find the right amount that plugs you’ll have to make the repairs.

Cost that Sod Plugs

Sod plugs are considerably an ext affordable than pallets. Sod plugs at house Depot are available in counts that 16, 32, and 64.

The prices climb along with the variety of plugs.16-plug pieces price $40, 32-plug pieces are priced at $50, and the 64-plug pieces are accessible for $100.

Yet again, your an option of sod will certainly not influence how much you need to pay. Peruse every the options you have available and pick whichever one works finest for your yard.

Cost the Sod Type

Sod TypeCost per Pallet (450 Square Feet)
St. Augustine$240

The form of sod you’re getting doesn’t impact the prices if you’re to buy at home Depot. However, that’s not the instance for all various other retailers.

Bermuda Grass

Available at $280 per pallet, Bermuda grass stands out as among the an ext expensive sod types. The price is quickly justifiable though.

The ideal thing around Bermuda grass is the durability. It deserve to hold up conveniently to foot traffic and also it can even weather exceptionally warm temperatures. Bermuda grass additionally grows quite quickly.

Not everyone can prosper Bermuda grass on your lawn though. If girlfriend live in a component of the nation known for colder temperatures, Bermuda grass is not an alternative for you.


In contrast to Bermuda grass, bluegrass does just fine in the colder parts the the country. The budget-friendly price tag just adds to its appeal.Homeowners can get a pallet of bluegrass for around $170.

Bluegrass is pretty resilient as well. You have to see it host up well through countless seasons.The fence to making use of bluegrass is the it’s an extremely high maintenance. You should be ready to devote a the majority of your time to yard maintain if you’re looking to flourish bluegrass.

Centipede Grass

Centipede grass is the many expensive alternative available.A single pallet of centipede grass could cost you $360.

Is it worth that type of price? A most homeowners absolutely think so since they appreciate just how low maintenance it is. Centipede grass thrives in warmer areas, however it can flourish pretty much anywhere.Centipede grass also holds up well. You don’t have to worry about bald patches appearing in her yard.

Discoloration deserve to be a issue with centipede grass though. Master may have to use supplements to protect against the discoloration from acquiring out of hand.

Fescue Grass

Fescue grass is a heavy mid-range option price-wise because that homeowners.Priced in ~ $230, girlfriend should be able to cover your yard without busting her budget.From a day-to-day maintenance standpoint, fescue is fairly forgiving. That will thrive just fine even without girlfriend meticulously taking treatment of it.

Extreme levels of heat have the right to be tough on fescue grass though. Uneven job may show up due to an extensive exposure to extreme heat. Girlfriend may have to bring out massive maintenance in stimulate to deal with that problem.

St. Augustine Grass

Homeowners follow me the southerly and coastal parts of the nation may want to take into consideration spending $240 ~ above St. Augustine grass. Sunlight and sea wait don’t pose significant threats come the wellbeing that St. Augustine grass. It grow remarkably thick together well, i m sorry is a nice bonus.

Similar to other warm-weather grass variants, St. Augustine is no an option that deserve to be provided everywhere. Friend may have to think about growing a various kind of grass if girlfriend live in a colder component of the country.

Zoysia Grass

Last up, we have actually zoysia grass. You have the right to purchase a pallet that zoysia grass for about $220 every pallet.This is another kind of grass that requires small in the means of maintenance. Even the frequency ofmowingcan be lessened thanks to the method this type of grass grows.

You can likewise count on zoysia grass continuing to be in great condition for many of the year. Heat, foot traffic, and other known opponents of yards will certainly not damages zoysia grass greatly.

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Zoysia grass deserve to be grown anywhere, however it is best suited for warm-weather locales. Store that in mental if you’re interested in this kind of sod.