Victoria Beckham, ideal known as Posh Spice, is one English businesswoman, fashion designer, model, and singer. She became prominent with the all-girl band ‘Spice Girls’ in the so late ’90s. After ~ the group split, she started her solo carer in singing and also signed encounters popular record labels choose Virgin Records and Telstar. Her debut single, “Out of your Mind” made it come the no.2 spot in the UK Singles Chart. Beckham is a talented multifaceted gorgeous woman, a mother, and also an entrepreneur that owns a few of the world’s popular fashion brands.

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It’s no doubt the Beckham is a perfect idol because that young women to be influenced who desires to establish their identity on their very own terms. She is likewise a writer of two bestselling books. Victoria hails from a affluent family, and is now one that the effective women in Britain, becoming the 52nd richest woman in Britain and also the 19th richest human in Britain through husband David, through an approximated joint wealth of £112 million ($225 million) in 2007. She is a proud owner of a denim line, fragrance line, sunglasses collection, and posh and expensive line for classy costume besides earning money from other professions prefer singing and also endorsing brands.

Victoria Beckham Biography

Beckham to be born on the 17th that April 1974, at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, united Kingdom. She is right now 47 years old. And raised in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire.

Birth NameVictoria Caroline Adams
NicknamePosh Spice, Strickly Vicky, Vickly, Posh, Tor
Date the BirthApril 17, 1974
Place the BirthHarlow, Essex, England
Age47 year old
Sun SignAries
ProfessionFashion Designer, Businesswoman, Actress, Singer, Model, Author
EthnicityEnglish, 1/16th German


Father –Anthony wilhelm Adams (Electronics Engineer)Mother –Jacqueline Doreen (née Cannon) (Former insurance allowance clerk and hairdresser)Siblings –Louise Adams (Younger Sister), Christian Adams (Younger Brother)


Victoria Beckham attend St. Mary’s High school in Cheshunt, where she was often bullied by her classmates since of her profitable financial status. She pleaded her father no to drop exterior the school in their Rolls Royce. Her parents enrolled her at Jason Theatre School. She learned dance and modeling at the Laine Theatre arts in Epsom, Surrey.

Victoria Beckham Husband

Victoria started dating English Footballer David Beckham in 1997. They an initial met at a charity football match, and also after that David requested her for a meeting to i m sorry she said, “I didn’t really understand who that was. Ns was never into football”. They got engaged in 1998 and married on July 4, 1999 in ~ Luttrellstown lock in Ireland. The couple was called as “Posh and also Becks” by the media.

They with each other have four children, three sons, and also a daughter – sons Brooklyn Joseph Beckham (born 4 march 1999), Romeo James Beckham (born 1 September 2002), Cruz David Beckham (born 20 February 2005); and also daughter Harper 7 Beckham (born 10 July 2011).

Past Relationships

Stuart Bilton – Victoria fist dated a British model Stuart Bilton throughout her modeling days. Stuart became popular after their partnership went public.

Mark Woods (1991-1994) – She climate datedMark Woods with whom she gained enagaged in 1993. But, due to unknown factors their marriage dubbed off and eventually they damaged off then partnership in 1994.

Corey Haim (1995-1996) – In 1995, Victoria met Canadian actorCorey Haim in a recording studio in London and they began dating the same year. They mutually finished their connection in 1996.

Physical Statistics

Professional Statistics

Debut Film

She was first seen in the 1997 british / American movie Spice world playing herself as Posh Spice. She got Razzie Award for Worst Actress for her performance.

Singing Debut

After embarking on a solo career, Beckham released her an initial single, “Out of her Mind” in teamwork with Dane Bowers and Truesteppers on august 14, 2000. The solitary debuted at #2 in the UK Singles Chart. She reduce her very first eponymous studio album ~ above October 1, 2001, which peaked at number 10 in the UK Albums Chart.

Television Debut

Victoria Beckham first appeared on television in a TV movie that talk-show genre titled Victoria’s tricks as herself.

Brand Endorsements

She has endorsed plenty of brands and also products throughout her career. Some of them includeBeckham Perfume, Victoria through Victoria Beckham, Rocawear, VB Style, Signature Fragrance, Coty, absent & Republic, and also Emporio Armani.

Victoria Beckham favourite Things

Movie – Grease (1978)Author – Harper LeeColor – BlackFood – Seafood, sushi


“If girlfriend haven’t gained it. Fake it! as well short? Wear big high heels, yet do exercise walking!”

“I’m a very, very healthy eater. Ns eat several fish, numerous vegetables, numerous fruit. Ns don’t eat junk food.”

“I want my kids to have actually a an excellent work ethic. I think you can attain anything if you work-related hard sufficient to obtain it.”

“I’m no materialistic. I think in presents from the heart, prefer a illustration that a boy does.”

“I favor a guy who deserve to be a real friend, has actually a an excellent sense the humor, a an excellent pair the shoes and a healthy and balanced gold card.”

Victoria Beckham on society Media

The 47-year old English fashion designer is just one of the best in the fashion industry. She is also writer that giveaway her fashion advice to discover their distinct fashion style. This fashion icon has an immense adhering to on social media, and be among them.

Victoria Beckham Facts

Victoria came into the entertainment sector as a singer involvement the girls’ team Spice girls in 1994. The team has released three albums ‘Spice’, ‘Spiceworld’, and ‘Forever’, selling an ext than 85 million copies prior to they dismantle the group.

She is a hardcore pan of handbags and has an ext than 100 handbags worth over 1.5 million pounds.

In 2001, she introduced her autobiography entitled, ‘Learning come Fly’, which walk on to became the bestselling publications in the UK. The book portrays about her childhood, summer sprouts Girls and her marital relationship with David Beckham.

She has actually released a number of singles till date and had 4 UK peak singles.

In 2004, she ventured into television with a fact series, The real Beckhams, featuring herself and also her husband. The series was around their life.

In 2006, she exit her second book ‘That Extra half an Inch: Hair, Heels and Everything in Between’.

Beckham is the winner of two British Glamour magazine awards in 2007. Both the awards storage her success as a fashionista.

In January 2000, a tip-off to Scotland garden detectives exposed a plot to kidnap Victoria and also Brooklyn Beckham and hold them at a residence in Hampstead, London. She has additionally received fatality threats.

She has likewise been named as ‘one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK’ through Woman’s Hour.

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Her Victoria Beckham label was named designer brand the the year in the UK in 2011.