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What is the amount of energy (J or Wh) required to boil one litre of tap-water in a constant kettle beginning at room temperature (20°C)?

The calculation itself assuming ideal and also standard prerequisites would be exciting and also factoring in the non-purity of tap-water and also a typical kettle performance variable.


It is basic. Density of water is $1;frac extg extml$ as we have actually 1 kg water.

Now according to the legislations of calorimeattempt the amount of warm required

$Q = c cdot m cdot left( 100 ext ^circ extC - T ight) + Delta h_ extvap cdot m$


$c$ = certain heat capacity of water, which is 1 cal/(g °C)$m$ = mass of water; i.e. 1 kg$T$ = the room temperature in °C

So you will gain the amount of power needed (in cal) to boil a litre of water

To get answer in Joule multiply the answer in cal by 4.184 J/cal. And be careful through units!

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