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Click top top the dropdown to select JMD in the an initial dropdown as the money that you want to convert and also USD in the 2nd drop under as the money you want to convert to.

That’s it

Our currency converter will show you the present JMD come USD rate and also how it’s changed over the previous day, main or month.

Banks often advertise totally free or low-cost transfers, but add a hidden markup to the exchange rate. Historicsweetsballroom.com offers you the real, mid-market, exchange rate, so you deserve to make large savings ~ above your worldwide money transfers.


Conversion prices Jamaican dissension / united state Dollar
1 JMD0.00673 USD
5 JMD0.03367 USD
10 JMD0.06734 USD
20 JMD0.13468 USD
50 JMD0.33670 USD
100 JMD0.67340 USD
250 JMD1.68350 USD
500 JMD3.36701 USD
1000 JMD6.73401 USD
2000 JMD13.46802 USD
5000 JMD33.67005 USD
10000 JMD67.34010 USD

Conversion rates US dissension / Jamaican Dollar
1 USD148.50000 JMD
5 USD742.50000 JMD
10 USD1485.00000 JMD
20 USD2970.00000 JMD
50 USD 7425.00000 JMD
100 USD14850.00000 JMD
250 USD37125.00000 JMD
500 USD74250.00000 JMD
1000 USD148500.00000 JMD
2000 USD297000.00000 JMD
5000 USD742500.00000 JMD
10000 USD1485000.00000 JMD

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Beware of poor exchange rates.

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Banks and traditional providers regularly have extra costs, which they happen to friend by marking up the exchange rate. Our clever tech means we’re an ext efficient – which means you gain a great rate. Every time.