1938 nickel value is in a shift year v both Buffalo and also Jefferson nickels minted. The Buffalo nickel, minted only in ~ the Denver mint, but leads in value.

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Jefferson nickels produced in san Francisco follow very closely worth $.25 cents in "Good" condition.

An exciting year, 1938 gives collectors with many choices and a wide variety in values. An ending to the Buffalo series and a begin to the contemporary Jefferson series, countless variables come right into play with 1938 nickel values.

All nickels that this day are precious inspecting closely. Not only do mintmarks, indicating where minted, top top Jefferson"s have actually an result on value, but the condition of her coins is an essential to discovering higher value.

Finding mintmarks on her nickels is discussed next, but very first have a look at the "uncirculated" Buffalo and Jefferson nickels pictured. Coins in this carefully preserved state space at the optimal of dealer and collector desire lists and also treasured.


The an important 1938-D Buffalo nickel minted in Denver significant the finish to the series. The "D" is situated on the turning back under the buffalo.

The worth guide likewise separates values according Condition along with the Mints that created the coin.

Under the Jefferson series a listing that "1938-S" is a coin minted in san Francisco, they offered an "S" as a mark. A "D" is the mintmark supplied by the Denver mint. These two mints inserted their mintmark on the turning back to the ideal of Monticello. The third mint come strike Jefferson nickels, Philadelphia, did not usage a mintmark in 1938.

1938 Nickel ValueCondition of CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineUncirculated
1938 Nickel worth Updated2021
Buffalo Series
1938 D$1.25 $2.26 $3.82 $19
Jefferson Series
1938 D$0.13 $0.38 $1.00 $4.00
1938 S$0.25 $0.50 $1.25 $3.78

Reaching High 1938 Nickel Value

Both Buffalo and also Jefferson nickels can reach multiple hundreds dollar values when found in spectacular gem condition. Two of note...

A brilliant orange red toned 1938-D Buffalo with hardly a call mark top top both the obverse and reverse surfaces readily available at auction by David Lawrence Auctions easily paced to $240. Multiple bidders proactively perused this coin because of that rare problem qualities.

A uncirculated 1938 Jefferson nickel, boldly struck, itself uncommon for this year, deserve to reach a worth in the variety of $200 come $300. However it takes an intensely bright lustrous and virtual mark cost-free coin to reach such a lofty price. Of the millions produced such coins space the elite condition rarities.

Better condition Raises 1938 Nickel Value

As you kind through these old nickels, different nicer top quality ones indigenous the rest and compare them to the "Grading" images. Evaluate their problem accurately identify coins through potentially higher value.


Uncirculated: The ultimate grade to a collector. A nickel in this problem shows certain no proof of wear, it appears brand new. Mint luster consists the whole surface the the coin. Research the high points for a dulling of luster, indicating wear.


Extremely Fine: As a coin circulates friction begins to present as a slight loss of detail. Return wear is noticeable her nickel still shows up sharp and crisp, a Buffalo nickel in this condition is still a desirable coin.


Fine: Additional wear has reduced the major details and eliminated the finer clues of design. Evident loss that sharpness and an in its entirety smoothness is noticeable on the entire surface that the coins.

Good: Buffalo nickels in this problem have a readable date, however parts the the number are often merged. Additionally the pickled in salt is no much longer separated indigenous the top of the letters. Jefferson nickels in "Good" problem have a tired and worn appearance and are precious minimum 1938 nickel value.

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Buffalo Nickel Value

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