UV Blue is a flavored vodka created by the Phillips Distilling Company. UV Blue vodka has a raspberry flavor and is mainly used in assorted fruity mixed drinks.

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Unlike numerous other vodka giants in the industry, UV vodka is a fairly new brand having actually been developed in 2001. The was slow to acquire popularity, but due to the fact that flavored vodkas room becoming an ext popular, UV vodka is farming in popularity with it.

Although UV Blue is the most well-known flavor, the UV vodka brand come in end 25 other flavors such together sangria, ruby red grapefruit, braided caramel apple, sriracha, apple, citrus, lemonade, salty watermelon, liquid bar, peach, grape, cacao cake, orange, cake, cherry, vanilla, and also coconut.

Below space the recent UV Blue prices.



UV Blue Vodka750ml$15.99


UV Blue Vodka750ml$12.49


UV Blue Vodka750ml$13.99


UV Blue Vodka750ml$10.97
UV Cake Vodka750ml$10.97
UV Cherry Vodka750ml$10.97

UV Blue blended Drinks

Since UV Blue vodka has actually a raspberry flavor, you can imagine the most mixed drinks will follow that flavor or compliment it through a secondary flavor.

UV Blue Vodka

Blue Frost – 1 component UV Blue vodka, 1 part raspberry sherbet, and also 1 component lemon-lime soda.Blue Velvet – 2 parts UV Blue vodka, 1 part pineapple juice, and 1 splash the grenadine.Great Raspberry Flute – 2 parts UV Blue vodka, 1 component triple sec, and 1 splash the lime juice.Blue Bombsicle – 1 component UV Blue vodka and 3 parts lemonade.Berry White – 1 part UV Blue vodka, 1 part creme de cacao, 1 component triple sec, and 1 component lime juice.

UV Cherry Vodka

Cherry Bomb – 1 part UV Cherry vodka and also 3 parts cola.Cherry Cosmo – 1 part UV Cherry vodka, 1 part triple sec, and also 1 part cranberry juice.Red Eye Martini – 1 component UV Cherry vodka and also 2 parts champagne.

UV Cake Vodka

Cake Float – 1 part UV Cake vodka and also 2 components root beer.Cake ‘n Cola – 1 component UV Cake vodka and also 3 parts Cola.Ginger Cake – 1 component UV Cake vodka and 2 components ginger ale.
Pineapple Upside under Cake – 1 part UV Cake vodka and 3 components pineapple juice.
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