approximately how much force, in Newton's, would it require to snap a human neck, suspect a healthy and balanced human, no twisting of the neck, and also a straight, upwards pull.

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Bonus allude if you deserve to tell me how countless Newton's it would certainly take if force was applied perpendicular come the spine.

Generally, it takes 1000 lbs of push (lbf) come snap a neck. This is in a downward drop.

To convert this, we gotta put it with a lbf come N formula.

(1000 lbf/1) * (4.44822162 N/1 lbf) = 4448.22162 N

So approximately 4448 newtons.

As far as an increase pull goes, you would probably rip of your head prior to breaking their neck. V a downward drop, the remainder of the body and gravity walk the work. As soon as you're pulling increase and against the body, it's based on solely the pressure exerted through the puller.

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According the a PBS article, force to break the cervical spine is around 3000 newtons (~674 lbf). Again, though, if this is applied perpendicularly come the spine then other fatal damage is going to ensue before the spine actually breaks. Many of this research is excellent on the results of whiplash or hanging come the spine, so it's gonna be a lot more tough to find test trials the perpendicular trauma come the spine.

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