exactly how much work does the electrical field perform in moving a proton native a suggest with a potential that +125 V come a suggest where that is -55.0 V? Express her answer both in joules and electron volts, please.
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Given: V_a = +125 V

V_b = -55.0 V

and q_p = +1e = +1.602 imes10^-19 ext(C)

The electric field does work-related on the proton much like the gravitational ar does work-related on a mass. A mass drops from high potential to low potential, choose a hopeful test fee in one electric...

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Given: V_a = +125 V

V_b = -55.0 V

and q_p = +1e = +1.602 imes10^-19 ext(C)

The electrical field does occupational on the proton much like the gravitational field does work-related on a mass. A mass falls from high potential to low potential, like a confident test charge in an electrical field.


which becomes `W_(ba) = -DeltaV_(ba)*q`

`-(V_b-V_a)*q = -((-55.0V)-(125V))*(1e) = 180 eV`

To gain joules, we multiply through the actual charge.

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`180 eV*(1.602 imes10^-19 ext(J)/ ext(eV))`

`=2.88 imes10^(-17) ext(J)`

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