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Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley (born October 18, 1968) is one American R&B/soul and also gospel singer and also actress. She is finest known for she 1988 ballad "Thanks for My Child." She additionally starred in Tyler Perry"s stageplays including; Madea"s course Reunion (2003) and also Why did I get Married? (2006).

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Early life and career


Born Cheryl Ann Riley in Brooklyn, brand-new York she functioned as a nurse because that handicapped children prior to beginning her to sing career. She topped the united state R&B chart and hit the optimal 40 top top the pop chart in ~ #32 v the 1988 ballad, "Thanks because that My Child," a tune written by full Force. The peaked in ~ #75 in the UK Singles chart in January 1989. The genesis the "Thanks for My Child" started with Full pressure member Bowlegged Lou"s endure with the complications of his wife"s first pregnancy.

The location track solitary to she debut LP Me Myself and I make it come number 18 ~ above the R&B charts in early 1989. An additional single, "Every little Thing about You," peaked at number 55 ~ above the R&B charts later on that year. Her second LP, Chapters, to be issued and also yielded the singles "How have the right to You ache the One friend Love" and also a cover of Aretha Franklin"s 1968 fight "Ain"t No Way". Her 3rd album every That! was released by Reprise, and featured the singles "Gimme" and "Guess I"m in Love."

Later career


After a hiatus native the to chat industry, Riley re-emerged in the so late 90"s by showing up on the song "I Love It" and also "Look Around" top top The Beatnuts album A music Massacre. Riley likewise starred in a number of gospel plays because that best-selling playwright Tyler Perry, consisting of Madea"s course Reunion, Madea Goes to Jail, Why walk I obtain Married?, Laugh to keep from Crying, Madea"s huge Happy Family and the many recent, A Madea Christmas. Riley also appeared in the film versions the Diary the a Mad black Woman and Madea"s big Happy Family. She is likewise starred in Tyler Perry"s Madea gets a task (2012) and Tyler Perry"s Hell hath No Fury like a woman Scorned (2014). ~ above June 27, 2006, she released her first album in fourteen years, called Let Me it is in Me.

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Personal life


In 2003, she married new York aboriginal Mike Grace and also together they had a son called John Grace. In a recent interview through Lenny eco-friendly she mentioned that the pair had divorced.


1988: Me, Myself & i (#128 Billboard 200, #9 R&B/Hip-Hop Albums)1991: Chapters (#62 R&B/Hip-Hop Albums)1993: every That!2006: permit Me it is in Me2015: tho Believe