Mindless Behavior were on path without a doubt, to become one the the greatest bands in R&B history. Comprised of Prodigy, Roc Royal, ray Ray and also Princeton, they quickly ended up being a contemporary musical phenomenon v an army of screaming fans complying with them everywhere. In the heritage of The Jackson Five, brand-new Edition and also B2K.

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In 2008, the group was born native a ide created through Conjunction entertainment Inc. CEO Walter Millsap and Streamline Records head Vincent Herbert. An open up audition was hosted by Conjunction’s Millsap, Keisha Gamble, songwriter Candice Nelson and choreographer David Scott in Los Angeles.

Among over 600 kids, Prodigy, Princeton, Roc Royal, and also Ray beam shined the brightest, instantly charming the team and solidifying the lineup. For the following two years, lock immersed us in music, occurring their singular sound and also style under the accuse of Herbert and also Millsap. Quickly afterwards, Jimmy Iovine signed Mindless Behavior to the label.

The chemistry between the boys verified kinetic from the minute they entered a rehearsal room together. Provided his penchant for easily learning brand-new styles, Prodigy wielded remarkable dance and vocal skills. ray Ray studied under legendary L.A. battle dancer Tommy the Clown, when Roc Royal started to rap at eight-years-old. Princeton kicked off his career at the period of four, starring in commercials because that Skechers, McDonalds and Nike as well as music videos.

Audiences felt that enthusiasm as Mindless Behavior rapidly went native touring high institutions to opened sold-out tours for Backstreet Boys and also Justin Bieber. A fervor because that the music brushed up through crowds ~ above the toughness of their very first single “My Girl” in 2010. A propulsive popular music gem, the song is practically at 14 million views on YouTube, and also it to be nominated for a 2011 Viewer’s Choice” bet Award.

The follow-up, “Mrs. Right“, ongoing to revolve heads and also melt hearts with its combination of infectious beats and also sweetly soulful harmonies. It landed at #1 ~ above BET’s 106 and Park three weeks in a row and was the #1 most included song at Urban Radio. Directed by Brett Ratner , the track’s cinematic music video clip even features cameos indigenous Mike Epps, LL Cool J, and also Diggy Simmons, quickly ending up being the #1 most demanded video clip on Music Choice.

The released your debut album #1 Girl in September of 2011, the debuted in Billboard’s height R&B/Hip Hop Albums.

Their meet-n-greets will attract thousands of girls lining up hours in advancement just to fulfill them. One Washington DC in-store even had to it is in shut down because 4,000 pan swarmed the mall.

2013’s All around The World would watch lightning strike double topping Billboard’s height R&B/Hip Hop Albums graph landing at #6 on the Top 2004.

Seemed favor a story made in music industry heaven. But the team disbanded for an excellent in 2017.

UB was the clues for MB updates Online, together with numerous various other sites top top the members. Plus the group constantly remained in touch v their following. Together a result, they to be the #2 universal Music artist just behind Lady Gaga in terms of online presence.

In this ReVisit celebrate our 15 Year Anniversary. We ReVisit our December 2010 Interview with Mindless Behavior – in among their first interviews.

The team spoke around how castle were placed together, their debut album and who they operated with on “#1 Girl.

The fellas likewise talk about their permanent goals, crushes in the industry and the meaning of Mindless Behavior. They also spoke on continuing to be together, unfortunately that wasn’t what lock did.


historicsweetsballroom.com: When human being press pat on ‘# 1 Girl’ what sort of album will they hear?Mindless behavior (Roc Royal): They’ll hear ms Right, mine Girl, Future, first Crush and also alot more an excellent songs. We’re talking around girls and also all the songs room ones youngsters can called to.

historicsweetsballroom.com: that are several of the world you guys operated with because that the album?Mindless behavior (Ray Ray): largely we functioned with the head of our production company Walter Millsap. We likewise worked v Boy Wonder, Polo Da Don & a couple of others.

historicsweetsballroom.com: just how did you guys acquire together together a group?Mindless habits (Princeton): two years ago almost Walter brought the idea to Vincent Herbert about forming a kids group. After that part of our management team Keisha gamble & Walter hosted auditions with around 500 kids. That’s wherein me and Roc met & us made the group. Climate a few months later on our choreographer David Scott experienced Prodigy on YouTube & we had actually him audition, climate after that ray Ray auditioned in ~ midnight, and soon after ~ Walter and also our songwriter Kenneth Nelson started to construct the sound for our music. And also then castle took us to Interscope Records and they signed united state to rationalization Records and now we’re here!

historicsweetsballroom.com: What kind of display can your fans expect once they come view you men out through Justin Bieber?Mindless actions (Ray Ray): We’re going to have a many energy, a most dancing, us interacting with the fans and also us having actually fun ~ above stage.

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historicsweetsballroom.com: Rock imperial what walk a girl need to do or represent in order to gain your attention?Mindless actions (Roc Royal): She has to be herself and she cant be fear to be different!

historicsweetsballroom.com: Prodigy what’s your favorite place to go v a distinct girl?Mindless behavior (Prodigy): i think Disneyland would certainly be a good place come take she (all laugh)!

historicsweetsballroom.com: beam Ray who room your height three crushes in the industry?Mindless behavior (Ray Ray): first Willow Smith, Rihanna and third I would have to say Kristen Stewart from Twilight. Ns a big Twilight fan!

historicsweetsballroom.com: Princeton if you can sing any type of song to her favorite girl in the world, what song and why would you song that one?Mindless behavior (Princeton): i would have to sing ‘My Girl’ come her due to the fact that that’s our song (everybody laughs).

historicsweetsballroom.com: What room you men long-term purposes for the service as much as movies and things choose that?Mindless actions (Ray Ray): absolutely staying together and also winning awards choose Grammys, bet Awards, VMA’s and acting in movies and also TV shows. Hopefully having our own TV present one day, just taking over the world!

historicsweetsballroom.com: You men mentioned remaining together, with so plenty of groups that don’t last, what carry out you think will keep you guys together?Mindless habits (Ray Ray): i think our love because that each other and work ethic and also we’re equals. Us all have actually things in common, ns think it is what’s going to store us together. Us all love each various other don’t we?Mindless behavior (Princeton, Prodigy & Roc Royal): Yeah!Everybody: Awww (laughs)

historicsweetsballroom.com: any type of last indigenous for your fans?Mindless habits (Ray Ray): Yeah us actually want to tell all the Mindless pan what Mindless means…Mindless behavior (Roc Royal): Mindless behavior is a lifestyle and gives us the freedom to to express ourselves v our music, art, and also fashion. It’s a motion that anyone deserve to be personal of.Mindless actions (Prodigy): and also if she confident, you mindless!Mindless actions (Princeton): If girlfriend like having fun in life, then you’re mindless!

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