Jeremy Robert Myron Sumpter (born February 5, 1989) is one American actor. He played the lead function in the 2003 film version of Peter Pan. That is additionally known for play the recurring duty of J. D. McCoy in the NBC series Friday Night Lights because 2008.

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beforehand life

Jeremy Sumpter was born in Monterey, California the child of Sandra and also Gary Sumpter. His pair sister Jessica and also younger sister Gigi have additionally acted professionally; his brothers Travis is in college. The was raised in the small town of mount Sterling, Kentucky, until he was eleven. He winner IMTA"s Pre-Teen Male model of the Year compensation in 2000. Soon afterward, that signed with mark Robert Management and his family moved come Los Angeles, wherein he currently resides. The gossip rags combine him through his co-star Rachel Hurd-Wood once they were making Peter Pan, however he"s at this time dating someone non-famous.



His first movie duty was in the 2001 film Frailty together the young Adam Mieks viewed in flashbacks (played together an adult through the film"s star Matthew McConaughey), for which he was nominated for a Saturn Award for "Best power by a Younger Actor". Complying with that, he showed up with Danny Glover in the Showtime film just A Dream, because that which he received a Young Artist Award because that "Best performance in a TV Movie, Mini-Series or one-of-a-kind - top Young Actor". His following film was regional Boys a family/surfing drama, with note Harmon and Eric Christian Olsen .

In July 2002, as soon as he was thirteen years old, Sumpter was selected for the role of Peter Pan, a duty traditionally played on stage by women; it to be the second time a boy played the duty in a live-action attribute film (following the 1987 Soviet adaptation Питер Пэн‎). During filming he prospered eight inches, requiring some filming and also staging tricks come conceal his elevation in scene filmed so late in production. Because that example, the home window through i m sorry he gotten in the Darling nursery had actually to be enlarged an ext than once, and also his costume required modification to proceed fitting him. (He is now 6 feet, 2 inch tall.) Sumpter walk nearly all of his stunts for the movie himself. To prepare, he says he practiced sword fighting as lot as 5 hours a day, and also training in gymnastics and also lifting weights. While filming in Australia, he supplemented his training with cricket and surfing. He won both a Saturn and also Young Artist Award for the film.


In the fall of 2004 that starred in the TV series Clubhouse, together a boy that gets his dream job of working as a batboy for a fictional brand-new York City major-league baseball team. The series was canceled through CBS after 5 episodes; every 11 episodes made have since been broadcast on cable/satellite channels. He climate starred in Cyber Seduction: His an enig Life, a heavy-handed Lifetime-Channel movie around a popular teenage swimmer who life is destroyed by his exploration of pornography top top the internet.


He invested the summer of 2005 in Oregon filming the teenager comedy The Sasquatch gang (aka The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang), released in November 2006. He had actually a small role in the film An American Crime, which played on Showtime in 2008 before going come DVD. He appeared in an episode of CSI Miami as the friend of a girl who parents are murdered.

He completed filming in 2007 that a supporting role in the 2010 coming-of-age comedy Calvin Marshall. Other upcoming films encompass You"re so Cupid, Death and Cremation, and Prep School.

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Sumpter has actually been co-hosting the YOBI display on the digital reality contest network in ~ with hold Danielle Ryan.