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mdeback"One thing around TS3 that bugged me because that the longest time is the age-old concern of practice music either not playing or protecting against after one or two songs.I finally figured this out and also I want to share how I resolved the issue. Possibly everybody currently knows this, but if this helps one person then i am satisfied. Every so regularly I searched for a solution and never discovered one. Last week i was digging around and also looked in ~ the default practice music documents that room stored on my maker at "C:\Program documents (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 3\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\CustomMusic" because that some civilization these records may it is in in a different location. One point I listed about the documents stored right here is that these .mp3 files all have a little bit rate the 128 kbps. Ns wondered if that is the an essential to this problem. So i googled because that "Sims 3 custom music 128" and also I found a post at MTS that shown my reasoning ( ). This article not only says that the bit rate is the issue, but likewise the document name could be a factor.So quite than experiment, below is what i did⦠1. I copied the MP3 documents that I wanted to hear in TS3 to a different temp directory.2. Ns then renamed every one of the papers to offer them nice quick names like track01.mp3, track02.mp3. (I constructed a batch file that provides the DOS move command come rename the files)3. Climate I supplied an audio paper converter through NCH ( ) come batch convert the MP3 files to WAV papers and collection the choice to "preserve initial format". Also I said it to Normalize the files based upon what I review in the MTS post.4. Now with the WAV files produced in step 3, i did a batch convert ago to MP3 and collection the choices to "Constant Bitrate (CBR)" and also the bitrate to 128 kbps. Also I made sure that the channel encoding was set to stereo.5. I then duplicated the convert MP3"s come the \Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Custom Music magazine under my documents.Now the practice music plays nicely without stopping on my Sim"s stereos. (Yay!!!)One trick I discovered was the if you use Debug Enabler you can conveniently wire and un-wire a stereo for the entirety house v the auto-upgrade feature. Good for parties! the is more than likely not news to many folks, but I didn"t want to leaving that component out.Another thing that I uncovered was a mode at MTS called "Shimrod"s altered Music Stations, practice WallSpeaker" at mod alters community lot wall speakers to replace kids music v Custom Music.The trick to utilizing this mod is to limit the variety of wall speakers to one per ar lot, set the music to Kids, and then use Debug Enabler to upgrade the wall speaker to be wired because that the whole lot.

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So then the tradition music is coming from one wall surface speaker, but can it is in heard loud and also clear in every rooms and all floors of the lot.Now I have custom music playing anywhere, anytime transparent my town and I to be happy!!!"Side note: using Shimrod"s "Altered Music Stations, custom WallSpeaker" mod, will replace the genre youngsters music with Custom music on every Stereo"s within her game, not just the Venue"s Wallspeakers. For this reason if you were expecting come hear children music through your very own Stereo on her Residential lot the isn"t feasible with this mod installed.Added by -
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