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Just curious. Ns don"t have actually a business manual yet and also it"s not mentioned in the owner"s manual. Just wondering if the shocks ~ above the dyna"s have any sort of quick-set adjustment? I"ve seen some vehicles that have actually shock adjustment where you simply twist the shock to increase or decrease tension a small bit. I took a fast look in ~ mine and also can"t call by simply looking.
2007 super Glide tradition (FXDC) lively BlackKuryakyn deluxe Forward ControlsHD Screamin" Eagle II Exhaust
Can"t to speak for certain on the "07"s, yet they should have a preload mediate on the rear shocks. You have to buy the spanner wrench, but you should have the ability to shorten or lengthen castle by using the wrench to twist and change for a stiffer/softer ride.
I think you can likewise use a nylon strap wrench to adjust the Dyna shocks preload as well.If girlfriend haven"t looked into gradual 440"s execute yourself a favor and also check them out.This place has actually the finest price I"ve viewed on them. The difference is impressive over stock. The gradual 440"s dampen on the compression stroke and also the extention stroke. Soaks increase bumps choose crazy, and smooth in the flats.
a strap wrench will work. Mine were set at 1 phrom the dealer. Ns think clockwise increases the preload, and counterclockwise reduce it.use your spanner or strap wrench to revolve the bottom collar the the shock come either rise or can look up under the collar at the bottom the the shock and also see just how they sit. Girlfriend should also see part numbers equivalent to the preload setting.FYI - raising the preload will also raise the drive height.

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I"ll take a much better look - I"m sure that"s that though. My 4-wheeler has a similar adjustment ~ above the rear. I"m just curious what mine is collection to and what the distinctions are. It appears to drive fine to me as-is however my wife really complains the it offers her the itches from the vibration when she rides. So, I"m wondering if changing the preload might assist when she"s on the back. Ns weigh around 235 for this reason I"m betting I can stand a click or two more of preload anyway. I know the dealer didn"t make any adjustment to it for me once I took delivery.
2007 super Glide tradition (FXDC) vivid BlackKuryakyn luxurious Forward ControlsHD Screamin" Eagle II Exhaust
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