Missing a test—or several—is regularly the an initial line that defense for someone who has actually violated an order not to drink. That seems simple from their perspective due to the fact that there space so many reasons other than drinking that could reason them to miss out on a test. Forgot your unit in ~ work. Can’t discover it. Didn’t fee it.

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Now, the course, the general practitioners location top top a positive breath alcohol test is important. Much more often than not, though, agencies are chasing down missed test cautions far much more often 보다 failed tests. Together we started designing ours SCRAM far Breath device, time and also again us heard that while lower-risk client are normally compliant with their alcohol monitoring, agencies need an ext information around the clients who space NOT compliant, fairly than do the efforts to make best-guess decisions based on what client say about why castle missed a test.

Most remote alcohol trial and error devices provide no additional data for missed tests, various other than posting “missed test.” and also in fact, some can’t even conduct a check if the unit is outside cellular service. It is why SCRAM far Breath to be designed to provide agencies a much better idea of what’s really happening when tests space missed. Because test schedules space stored on-board the unit, remote Breath wakes itself up and also prompts the customer at the booked time, even when it’s out of cabinet coverage. And also SCRAM far Breath stores check results and also a gps location through taken and missed tests—a attribute that’s proving beneficial for making feeling out of the most constant alert kind in remote breath testing: the let go test.

Why a gps Location top top a Missed check Matters

So does that really translate into a advantage in the real-world of client management? Absolutely. In the last several months, our customers have actually shared stories whereby the general practitioners data offered them precisely what they necessary to make an ext informed decisions about a client—especially on to let go tests.

In one scenario, a customer missed multiple tests and failed to respond come calls from the agency. Yet the general practitioners locations for the let go tests showed the unit’s location was at a truck stop in an additional state. After sending out several on-demand test requests—which the customer refused come take, and also which continued to report the same gps location—the company contacted the police in the jurisdiction. Policemans dispatched come the location uncovered both the client and the far Breath unit. The absconded customer was taken into custody and also the agency recovered that is device!

But this usability isn’t just advantageous for capturing your client lying. The gps locations can additionally verify a client’s story. For example, one client claimed she missed 2 tests because she had actually accidentally left her machine in a company vehicle that was then viewed by an additional employee. Through looking in ~ the gps locations because that the let go tests, the agency was able to verify her story. The general practitioners data led to an proper warning, quite than a an ext severe violation, which might have derailed the client’s progress.

No, a client won’t always take the unit along as soon as absconding, drinking, or leaving a jurisdiction. Yet knowing whereby the maker is, even if it is clients take a test or not, is proving to be a very valuable advantage of the SCRAM remote Breath system.

Get advanced Remote Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM far Breath is ideal for your low-risk/low-need alcohol clients. Call us for more information about how SCRAM remote Breath could incorporate into your alcohol surveillance program.

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