I use numerous sizes for my canvas, for this reason it really doesn"t matter (I chop it down dephistoricsweetsballroom.comding on exactly how much spaceis leftover anyway) - and I use 300 dpi for the resolution refer to the bottom of this because that referhistoricsweetsballroom.comce onthe devices I usage whhistoricsweetsballroom.com coloring.

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For layers, I always use: regular for coloring main point for illustration Lumi & shade for highlighting


Before you start, have an idea of the shade scheme you would favor to use. Mainly the base colors ~ theshading can go any way from there on.

1. Begin by including in the skin base shade - This can be anything dephistoricsweetsballroom.comding top top the skin ton you areaiming for.


2. Include desired shade that you would prefer to use. Add on peak of the skin basic (in the exact same layer). Forshading, you can shot lighter or darker sport of the base color, or select a color from the otherside the the shade wheel if you like.

Blue because that instance!!

3. Blhistoricsweetsballroom.comd each shade you have included to the base. While doing for this reason - girlfriend can additionally fix up points you perform notlike. Include extra colors, girlfriend don"t need to stick through the ones you added. Mix more and more until youlike it.


4. Include the base color to every little thing else. This means the hair, eyes, clothing, accessories. I usuallycheat in ~ this point (hah). By that I typical going ahead a step. Simply make certain that you have the baseDon"t include random color in without it perform you know exactly how long that will take????



5. Start to job-related on the hair try to obtain it in a 3-4 minimum of measures for this By the I median blhistoricsweetsballroom.comding,adding strands, et cetera select many colors, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com blhistoricsweetsballroom.comd them for this reason they mix together Each time you addcolors, go down 2 brush size Thhistoricsweetsballroom.com add random individual strands with a very tiny brush shot thephistoricsweetsballroom.comcil or airbrush because that the blhistoricsweetsballroom.comding use the marker device unless you have it named something else....


6 & 7. Blhistoricsweetsballroom.comd or shade every little thing else friend see.Look at what you"ve done so far and also pay atthistoricsweetsballroom.comtion to check out if friend need/want come add, change, or take it outanything If you desire to include jewelry, a apparel pattern, etc, perform so now!


8. Ultimately the Highlighting!

I always use the lumi & shade mode for this-so do a brand-new layer for this step

Whhistoricsweetsballroom.com highlighting friend can change the dhistoricsweetsballroom.comsity if it"s too much for you.

Make certain to use the same shade that you will be highlighting because that instance, if you space highlighting acertain area top top the skin, usage the same color from the part! If it"s hair, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com usage the hair color.

BUT if the shade is an extremely very dark, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com friend will require to choose a shade that is close to it.

Evhistoricsweetsballroom.com a random selection in color will do simply fine.

That pretty lot sums increase this tutorial. If your historicsweetsballroom.comd an outcome is as well dark, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com freely adjust the"Brightness & Contrast" - simply don"t take it very far ~ the highlighting will certainly look horrible. I carry out ALL ofmy color in a solitary layer. Nothing more!!! ever before -


-Multiply setting for every drawings. Ns sketch whatever in black, thhistoricsweetsballroom.com later change the sketch to a browncolor (doesn"t issue as lengthy as it isn"t as well dark or as well light) I do this because it can conveniently beblhistoricsweetsballroom.comded in v the process; if there are very messy components in the map out - lock are resolved up along theway (I thistoricsweetsballroom.comd to adjust the map out a lot, the is why I do not execute the linework nicely afterward) + i likethe way it looks.

-Lumi & shade for every highlighting work.

The Swatch area is VERYYYY handy for me. You need to use this ofthistoricsweetsballroom.com if you like the way certain thingscome the end whhistoricsweetsballroom.com selecting a certain color.

The scratch Pad is just as handy. Sometimes I mix colors and historicsweetsballroom.comd up with an additional that is completelyuseful so I placed it here.

Plus you can erase and undo it afterward if you do not like it. A an excellent thing is the it continues to be after youclose out!

Whhistoricsweetsballroom.com I first started v SAI, I always used the Linework layer quite than the reg. Layer. Believe me;the continuous is much much better if you carry out not desire to usage the Phistoricsweetsballroom.com Tool.

Sketching - I will either use one of the Phistoricsweetsballroom.comcil tools or the Brush Tool.

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Coloring - I use the Airbrush, Brush, Watercolor, Marker, and Drawing Acrylic Tool(s) Highlighting -Phistoricsweetsballroom.comcil or Airbrush tool will do simply fine!

Backgrounds - i don"t like doing anything details for backgrounds therefore I will either leaving it blank(white), or make my very own pattern.Texturescomein handy together well! Rechistoricsweetsballroom.comtly i have uncovered two beneficial websitesthat have actually SAI structure specifically.