Passcape is a commercial device which allows a user who has been scammed to recover from someone running SYSKEY top top their home windows 10 machine and permitting a startup password.

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Is over there a complimentary tool which can do this? countless of the boot CDs roughly have no been to update to assistance Windows 10.


EDIT: replaced spammer attach with connect directing come the genuine site, still maintained the info.

What about Hiren"s boots CD?

Reset Forgotten windows 10 Password through Hiren"s BootCD Download the ISO photo of Hiren"s BootCD indigenous its official website (about 593 MB). Burn the ISO paper to your CD (or USB stick) utilizing the freeware ISO2Disc.

After getting Hiren"s BootCD ready, boots your home windows 10 computer from CD (Change boots order ~ above BIOS to collection CD/DVD-ROM as the very first boot device). Remember to readjust UEFI boot v Legacy and disable Secure boots temporarily in BIOS.

You will be triggered with the Hiren"s CD Menu, native there choose Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 Password Changer and also press Enter. Don"t usage Kon-Boot together it doesn"t assistance Windows 10/8 password bypass.

Hit go into when you watch the boot prompt.

The display will perform all her partitions and you need to pick the partition whereby Windows is installed. In mine screenshot you have the right to see that 1) is the small 500Mb boots partition and 2) is the bigger Windows partition. So I form 2 and also press Enter.

Now it will ask to confirm the registry route (Windows/System32/config). The default registry path will be exactly so just press Enter.

We"re going to reset forgotten home windows password, so select the default choice Password reset by pressing Enter.

Choose the default choice Edit user data and passwords and press go into again.

You will now see the user account on you computer. Form the username whose password you desire to change and push Enter.

Type 1 and also press Enter. This will clear/remove the password of your selected account.

Now kind ! and also hit enter to quit the User Editor menu.

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Enter q to leave chntpw key Interactive Menu and also press Enter. Important step! right here must type y so it conserves your password reset changes! Greetings! Password has been cleared, currently remove Hiren"s BootCD and also Press ctrl+Alt+Del button to restart. As soon as your computer has rebooted, you deserve to log right into Windows 10 there is no a password.