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hey all, lengthy time no post. Well i was driving mine truck today (2009 lamb hemi sports 1500) and every one of a suddenly i pertained to a light, stopped, and also tried to journey again and also it to be dogging real bad. Looked at the console and stuck in fourth. Traction the code and also reads P0750. Just code that come up. Reads as transition solenoid problem. Anyone understand how tough it is to replace this component on these trucks? ns dont have actually the cash to pay a dealer to do this. Anyone else have these problems as well? anything would certainly be great right now. Thanks!


Its supervisor easy, if you room out of warranty.Drop the pan, remove the square filter, remove the valve human body (6 bolts IIRC), choose out the solenoids and replace. That is not also terrbily challenging on an 09, and there shouldnt be any type of gaskets come screw with, only RTV on the infectious diseases world fashion pan.

i am the initial owner and i have the lifetime powertrain warrenty. I would think the is spanned by it. At least i expect so. Us will see what the dealer is walking to charge me for it if they do at all and also if they do i will shot it myself. Many thanks for the feedback!

thank god! dealer just called and also said that under warrenty. Renders me feeling sooo lot better. Claims its normally roughly a 700 disagreement job. Got it in for that and additionally a bunch the recalls.
When you take the van to the dealer, be prepared for the great old "could not duplicate, no repair made" statement.Be sure to get it to the dealer in the locked condition. (mine would certainly clear v engine restart)How execute you clear it? I had actually this trouble for practically a year prior to they finally threw enough parts at they lastly fixed it.
It"s my truck and also I desire it the method I desire it!IF friend DON"T have TIME TO execute IT RIGHT, as soon as WILL YOU find TIME TO do IT OVER??Dave
Well this occurred to me yesterday, tried to reset and also it wouldn"t also take the reset, soon as I put it in drive the dash says fourth gear. Had actually it towed into my work (salesman at dealer) been wait all work to find out what is wrong with it together I leave Thursday morning because that Michigan because that 4 days. I have a 2012 ram 1500 huge Horn v the floor shifter have 2"" spacer lift and also 35"" tires, ns don"t to win on it however I carry out a the majority of towing of a 29 foot boat. Van has practically 41k ~ above it
How tough is it to change solenoid pack on tranny?
Is the solenoid load able come be changed out indigenous the floor or do I have to lift it and also drop the tranny?
Same thing happened to me last year. The part was cheaper 보다 my aftermarket vouch deductible. Ns bought the entire valve body for 209 top top RockAuto and installed it in around 25 minutes
This morning I obtained in my 2011 1500 lamb it has 153K mile on it, correctly I"m the initial owner. That runs favor new, i cranked it to be shifting right into D however skipped and also went come +/- 4,couldn"s change gears top top the shifter. That ran slow until I obtained up to 30,but never left fourth gear. As soon as I got to work I turned that off and sat for a few minutes climate cranked up again and also it ran v all gears no problem. I reasoning it"s the transmission transition solenoid. The only thing I require to number out currently is the color of the connector"s.

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