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When Nintendo"s Wii far was first released, it didn"t incorporate a built-in rechargeable battery like many other game controllers. Fortunately, third-party manufacturers stepped up and also made their own battery chargers for Wii remotes. We"ve compared them all to identify the best Wii far charging stations.

The Nintendo Wii far is compatible v both the Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles. The Wii remote is required to play initial Wii games on the Wii U.

species of Wii far Charges

All Wii controller chargers have actually two components: a rechargeable battery to placed in the Wii remote, and also a base unit to charge it with. Plenty of charging stations have slots for multiple controllers.

Chargers are separated into conductive and inductive models. In a conductive model, the rechargeable battery will have exposed metal contacts that have to physically touch metal contacts ~ above the base. Therefore, if you have your far wrapped in a silicone sleeve, you have to remove it to fee the controller. Inductive chargers don"t need physical contact, do them an ext convenient because that those who usage the silicon sleeves.

Alternatively, you can use any type of rechargeable AA batteries, but they offer diminishing efficiency over time. The benefit, however, is that you deserve to switch out the batteries and charge lock separately, so friend don"t need to dock her controller and also interrupt her gaming come recharge the Wii remote.

Some games require extra accessories for the Wii such together Nunchuk controller, Wii MotionPlus, or the Wii Balance Board.

ideal Rechargeable Batteries because that Wii Comparison graph

Since the Wii console and also official Wii remotes are no longer in production, all of the Wii remote charging systems provided below have been discontinued, yet you have the right to still discover them on Amazon or eBay.While the original manufacturer price are detailed for reference, girlfriend should have the ability to get them much cheaper today.

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If you usage your Wii U come play Wii games, climate you should take into consideration Nyko"s Charge station U, i beg your pardon charges two Wii remotes add to the Wii U gamepad.

Wii ChargerRatingTypeCharging PortsNotable FeaturesMSRP
Memorex Wii twin Controller Charging Kit


Inductive2Small and also simple, charge remotes while lie horizontally$29.99
Energizer level Panel 2X Induction Charging System★★★★★Inductive2Very compact, deserve to leave top top attachments when charging$29.99
Energizer level Panel 4X Induction Charging System★★★★★Inductive4Very compact, can leave top top attachments while charging$49.99
Nyko fee Base IC★★★★★Inductive2Can leave on attachments if charging$34.99
Penguin United"s ElectroFlow Charger★★★★½Inductive2Must unplug attachments,doesn"t work-related with 3rd party controllers$29.99
Energizer strength & play Recharge Station★★★★Conductive2External architecture matches the Wii$39.99
Nyko fee Station★★★★Conductive2Textured battery cover for far better grip$29.99
Nintendo Wii remote Charging Cradle and Rechargeable Battery★★★½Conductive1Flimsy plastic base, no instructions$34.99
Tekno innovations InCharge double Charge Station★★★½Inductive2Must unplug attachments, stroked nerves blinking fee light$34.99
Energizer Induction Charging System★★★Inductive2Can leave on attachments,battery packs get very hot$39.99