‘How to answer to replies on Tumblr’ – is among the most typically asked questions from brand-new Tumblr users. Believe it or not, we recognize your pain. Happy for you, us have acquired answers to this question. So if you want to learn an ext about this, you can keep analysis this post.

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Tumblr is known for being among the most renowned microblogging communication in the world. Millions of civilization are using it daily. And you might be among them the loves Tumblr.

This platform works nearly like countless other famous social media sites. You can like, comment, article content top top Tumblr. However, brand-new users it seems to be ~ to struggle to reply to other users’ reptiles.

We have received this complain from our reader so often that us compiled a list of solutions to this problem.

In this post, we will certainly let you understand if you can reply come Tumblr’s replies and see how to answer to Tumblr’s replies. In ~ the same time, we will share some tips on commenting/replying on Tumblr together well.

So, let’s reduced to the chase…

Can You reply To Replies top top Tumblr?

Frankly, over there is no ‘Reply’ button next come the replies on Tumblr like various other social media sites. That way Tumblr doesn’t support replying come replies officially. However, you deserve to comment or answer to a short article on Tumblr.

So, what deserve to you perform as you can’t officially answer to replies on Tumblr? Interestingly, we have actually some tips and also tricks because that you. And also you deserve to use these tricks together workarounds to reply to replies on Tumblr.

In the next section, we will certainly share all of these approaches one through one. right here we go…

Tutorial on just how to answer To Replies ~ above Tumblr

Method #1 use the ‘
’ Trick

As you know normally, there will certainly be no answer buttons under a reply on Tumblr. So, you deserve to rather leaving a comment on that article mentioning that human you want to answer to. The course, the other human should allow comments on their Tumblr posts in the an initial place.

Now, simply, kind in your discuss the message box. And also after you have written the comment, add a
and their username come the comment.

For example, if you desire to reply through ‘This is a answer to a human being that has the username ‘tumblruser’. Then your comment would certainly look prefer this – ‘This is a answer

Of course, relying on the username of the human being you desire to answer to, you will have actually to adjust the username ~ the ‘
’ when you are commenting.

Method #2 Copy and Paste the Reply

Usually, you would have the ability to reply to replies utilizing the technique we have defined above. However, if you want to learn an ext tricks, then the 2nd trick is here for you.

In this method, we will certainly be sharing another workaround for replying to replies on Tumblr. However, this time girlfriend will need to use her ‘Copy/Paste’ charisma. Let’s watch what we room talking about...

Steps to Follow

First the all, go to her dashboard and role down until you uncover the notification about the reply.From the notification, you need to copy the entire text on that notification. Typically, it should be like ‘Username replied to her post…’ and the reply would certainly be there too. Girlfriend will need to copy the notification and also the reply as well; whatever on the notification.Now, you have actually to dough the text you have actually just replicated into a new text post.Next, you have to format it. In many cases, friend will have to add or delete spaces.At this point, type your reply under the message you have actually pasted now.Here, friend will need to remove the blockquote component from the text. To carry out that, first, select the brand-new reply you have actually just typed. Next, toggle turn off the ‘block quote’ option from the style bar.Finally, click/tap on the ‘Post’ button native the bottom that the screen to reply to the reply.

Method #3 use the ‘Screenshot’ Trick

The 3rd method on our list is additionally another workaround the replying to replies top top Tumblr. In this case, girlfriend will need to be acquainted with taking screenshots on your PC/smartphone.

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Let’s to speak you know how to take screenshot on the an equipment you are using Tumblr on.

So, first, take a screenshot of the answer to which you will reply next. You can use 3rd-party software for taking screenshots ~ above a PC. Or you deserve to use Windows’s integrated Snip feature.

Also, top top smartphones, you would usually have the ability to take screenshots by default. If not, you deserve to install 3rd-party apps for your smartphone come take screenshot as well.

After you have actually taken the screenshot of the reply, you will just need to make a new photo post on Tumblr v your reply. The is it. You have actually replied come the particular reply ~ above Tumblr.

Method #4 use The XKit extension

This is a bit advanced method. So, if you space not tech-savvy, you have the right to skip this. However if you want to learn more tricks that replying to replies top top Tumblr and if you desire to use a device that will certainly take your tumblr user endure to a brand-new height, then you can examine this component of the post.

In this section, us will present you to an expansion named ‘XKit’. You deserve to download that from here. This is the new XKit extension.

That page consists of all the information and instructions on how to use this extension. It would be best to use the ‘One-Click Reply’ option from the XKit extension to permit the option of replying come replies.

Once again, we would certainly warn you that this an approach might be a bit complex for some of you. But once you are acquainted with the extension, friend will be able to use this extension in countless ways. And, you will certainly be a ‘Power Tumblr’ user.

Method #5 Replying top top Tumblr

As you know that over there is no ‘Reply’ button in Tumblr once it involves replying to various other replies.

However, you can actually include normal replies to articles on Tumblr. If you desire to reply to a post, friend will need to click/tap top top the icon that looks prefer a speech bubble. Friend will uncover it at the bottom of the post.

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After you have actually tapped on the speech bubble icon, a message box will show up on the screen. So form your reply and tap top top the ‘Reply’ button. In act so, her reply will certainly be posted under that post, and the other user will certainly be notified.

Now, the ‘Reply’ feature has some limitations:

A answer cannot contain an ext than 475 characters.You have the right to reply to reblogs, original posts, and also even her posts.There is no method you deserve to reply native the blog windy URL. You need to be ~ above the dashboard come reply.There are 3 level of that can and also can’t reply to your write-ups such together ‘Most inclusive’, ‘Less inclusive’, and also ‘Least inclusive’.

You might not find the speech bubble icon on some posts. That means you cannot reply to their blogs. Why? There could be a few reasons because that this issue.

First, that user could not have enabled ‘Reply’ ~ above their short articles in the first place. Or it might be that the user is not adhering to you.

Also, you can only answer to a blog if you are complying with it for much more than 2 weeks (depending on your privacy settings). Otherwise, both you and that user should follow each other for at the very least a week.

All of this will rely on the ‘Reply’ privacy settings set by the certain user.

Remember, we have talked around 3 levels of who can and also can’t reply to your posts above? This is the reason why you cannot see the ‘Speech Bubble’ icon in part instances.

Method #6 Commenting on Tumblr

Usually, you can include the commenting function on Tumblr. However, for this, you should use the ‘Disqus’ commenting mechanism to her Tumblr blog.

As a matter of fact, Tumblr officially recommends it. Usually, it is difficult to enable commenting without including the Disqus or various other commenting device to the template.

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Method #7 Answering concerns on Tumblr

You deserve to ask inquiries on Tumblr utilizing usual posts. Then the other users will have the ability to answer her question.

If a person has posted together ‘question’ type posts, you can try to answer to that concern by complying with these actions mentioned below.

Steps to Follow

Click or tap ~ above the message filed under the ‘Question’ type post.Now, you have the right to type the answer to the inquiry if you understand that.Finally, click/tap ~ above the ‘Answer’ button to reply to the question

Now, there are a few points you should remember about answering concerns on Tumblr.

The user the posted the inquiry must allow answers ~ above the an initial page. Otherwise, you will not prize or will not discover the text field to prize the question.Every answer have the right to contain just 140 personalities on Tumblr.If you have actually answered the concern while logged in to your Tumblr account, then it will show that the price is comes from your primary blog.If you room not logged in, then you will need to leave her name and email address in many cases.

Concluding Thoughts

Tumblr has over 350 million active users at the moment. The course, that doesn’t have popularity like Facebook or Instagram. However it has actually a loyal fan base. Civilization like Tumblr because of that uniqueness.

This is not your usual social media platform. For example, you have actually seen the there is no ‘Reply’ option for replying come replies. ~ above the other hand, you can see that most other society media sites enable replying to replies.

Maybe in the close to future, Tumblr will also include this feature. But till then, friend will have to use the workarounds we have shared above.

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These are several of the best ways you can reply come replies ~ above Tumblr. Us hope this post will boost your experience using Tumblr! And, girlfriend will have the ability to reply come replies top top Tumblr easily.

As you space a Tumblr user, you have the right to read our write-up on just how to Look at Tumblr Archive. What the is and also How to access it. Girlfriend will find out a lot of of new information native this post, we have the right to say because that sure. Together always, if friend have took pleasure in this post, don’t hesitate to share it. And, you can also share her thoughts and opinions in the comments below!