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Delete books from Nook

Extract: If you are searching for methods on exactly how to delete publications from Nook, then you have come to the right place! In this article, ns will overview you with 2 methods of removing books from Nook.

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Why world need remove books off Nook?

Nook is a great eBook leader that can help you review eBooks anywhere, anytime. V Nook, we can read Google publications on Nook, read Kindle books on Nook, and also read Barnes&Noble books on Nook. However, the warehouse of eBooks is limited. If you have read with one book and also don"t want the publication to accounting the precious space on Nook. You must delete books from Nook.

How to remove publications from Nook?

There are mostly 2 ways to delete books from Nook. One is removing publications from Nook via Barnes&Noble site. The other is deleting books off Nook with computer.

Method 1: remove Nook publications on Barnes and Noble Online

Step1. Log into your Barnes&Noble account top top Barnes&Noble official site. Click "My Account" in the optimal right menu. Discover "My Nook Library" in the drop-down memory and select that.

Step2. Uncover the book which you desire to delete in the library list. Then hit "Delete", which have to be under the link labeled "Download".

Important: If you want the book fully deleted, click "Delete" as soon as the website prompts friend to confirm deletion rather of archiving. And also this an approach only applies for removing publications purchased native Barnes&Noble.

Method 2: remove Nook publications on computer

Step1. Connect Nook to computer system with USB cable.

Step2. Open "My Computer", and also find the driver the is detailed for your Nook.

Step3. Find the book record which you want to delete. Right click the book and also select "Delete". The book will be removed. Currently you deserve to disconnect the Nook from your computer.

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For me, the procedure to delete books from Nook is for this reason complex. I prefer to remove publications from Nook directly, no must use computer system or use online site. I believe, in the future, Barnes&Noble will certainly reverse the procedure for us and also make the process be more user friendly. If we can remove books from Nook machine directly and it will instantly stay donate up online, this will certainly be a good feature due to the fact that we can recover the deleted books at any time as soon as we want to check out the publications again.