The popular water-dragon Pokemon will lastly be obtainable shortly in Sword and also Shield via the Isle that Armor DLC.

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The new expansion packs for Pokemon Sword and also Shield, Isle that Armor and The Crown Tundra are set to release later on this year. The two brand-new DLC"s are collection to be entirely new adventures for players, and also you will have the ability to carry end your progression from Sword and Shield.

One of the brand-new Pokemon showcased in the trailer was the generation two-star, Kingdra. We"ll walk over which growth pack you can obtain Kingdra in and also how come evolve Seadra into one!

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The Isle of Armor!

It was confirmed during the showcasing the the first expansion load The Isle of Armor that Kingdra will certainly be making a go back to Sword and Shield.

Eagle-eyed pan noticed the water-dragon Pokemon swimming in the just of water throughout the trailer.

Kingdra was presented in generation 2 as the evolution and final native of Seadra.


The last was just a constant water-type during the Kanto region, yet Kingdra is vastly different.

When Seadra evolves right into Kingdra it also gains a dragon typing, making it a twin water-dragon type; - certainly one of the coolest combine in the Pokemon series!

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How execute We get It?

Normally, players would have to trade their Seadra with one more player in order come evolve it into Kingdra.

There to be a catch, however, Seadra would have to hold the "Dragon Scale" while being traded; which would certainly activate the evolution.

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We can assume this is the same an approach we space going to need to take throughout The Isle that Armor.

But, because Nintendo denote Kingdra during the Pokemon Direct, maybe we will be able to catch the somewhere during our journey instead!

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Written ByNick Farrell

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