This guide will display you exactly how to unlock and reset the parental controls because that the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL.

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I sell a lot of different items online v Craigslist, and also eBay.

Since most of the items that I offer are used, castle oftentimes have actually info through the ahead owner’s photos, music and other data.

Clean up the Data

I generally try to clean them increase the best I can before listing it because that sale online.

Sometimes, however, the Nintendo DSi systems will have over 200 photos of the vault owner save on the machine.

Delete Photos

Unfortunately over there is not an easy means to delete every one of the photos at once. You should delete each photo individually, which deserve to be very time consuming.

The best method to delete all of the info off the a DSi is come reset it back to the factory settings, yet sometimes there is a parental manage password that does not allow you come reset that to manufacturing facility settings.

This is exactly how to remove the parental controls pin number for this reason you have the right to reset the Nintendo DSi (or XL) to factory settings:

First, go to the Nintendo mechanism settings. the is the symbol that looks favor a wrench:


Scroll come the third page and also select “Parental Controls”:


You will see a display that asks you to enter a 4 number code. Select the “I Forgot” button ~ above the bottom:


It will then bring you come a display screen that asks you come answer the mystery question. You carry out not require to understand the answer. Just type in at the very least 6 characters and click “OK”:


It will tell you that your answer is incorrect. Click “OK”:


Repeat the critical two steps a couple of times.

After girlfriend answer the an enig question not correct 3 time in a row, the DSi will bring you come a display screen with an inquiry number.

Click OK to get to the next screen.

The site claims that the is for resetting the Wii parental regulate password, but it also works through the DSi and DSi XL.

Be sure that the date on that website matches the day on your DSi. enter the inquiry Number native the DSi into the “Confirmation Number” box on the website.

Now get in the 5 digit code from the website right into the DSi and click OK:

It will lug you to the next screen where that will offer you a couple of options. I select the “Clear Settings” option:

Click “Yes”:

Then go back into the DSi mechanism settings screen from action 1 (looks like a wrench).

Scroll to the fourth page till you see “Format device Memory”:

NOTE: Formatting the mechanism memory will delete whatever off that the DSi.

Follow the actions on the screen:

Wait a couple of minutes for the mechanism to restore. The DSi will certainly shut off as soon as it is done.

When you revolve it on, friend will require to go into information such as the time and also date.

You will be setting it up as if girlfriend turned that on for the first time.

Now you are all set to resell the Nintendo DSi or DSi XL through no information from the previous owner.

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