Airsoft guns are simply mechanical objects and also are topic to different kinds of wear and tear. Spring pistols pat a really important duty especially as soon as you are breaking into the field of airsoft. As mostly beginners purchase spring pistols, damage to pistol is more likely to happen. Because of this here we are with our short article titled “How to settle a spring Airsoft pistol” wherein we have discussed some typical issues about airsoft guns and also their feasible solution.

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We will go step by step through the problem. Very first of all, we will certainly learn exactly how to open up an airsoft feather pistol.2nd step will it is in what space the components that are discovered in the feather pistol and how go a spring pistol works.3rd we will look with the common problems that a feather pistol face and also their possible solutions. In the 4th step, I will tell you my personal option and also what friend can finest do with the spring pistol.

How to open up an airsoft feather pistol ?

Since this is a topic that needs valuable demonstration quite than theoretical.Therefore,we have attached a video down to assist you recognize better:

Understanding whats are the components of airsoft rifle

Once you have actually opened one airsoft total or pistol. That is very important that you understand what are the parts that are present inside a spring pistol so that you can diagnose the problem and can fix it.Here we space attaching one an ext video on that :

Common spring airsoft pistol problems

Although over there is not any type of worthy information obtainable on the internet about potential troubles in a feather pistole. Here are some usual problems that an airsoft spring pistol may come throughout :

1.Gun jamming in the middle of the game

Gun jamming is among the most common problem v spring guns. At any time you are in the middle of the game and you shot to shoot your opponent, pistol jams in between. I know that’s irritating together hell! below are some feasible reasons why your gun is jamming in the middle of the video game :



1. Make certain you space using a exactly BB load for your guns. Usage lightweight BBs for low FPS guns and heavyweight BBs for high FPS BBs.Most of the spring pistol usage 0.12 gram BBs.


2. You should make sure that the gun newspaper is fully inserted. If the magazine is not appropriately seated, rounds won’t be fed properly. Make sure that the extractor is not also tight or too loosened or damaged. This may an outcome in poor feeding.


3. Make sure there is no debris or any kind of kind the obstruction that is resulting in jamming. If over there is some, eliminate it v the unjamming rod that comes through an airsoft gun.


4. Hop-up mechanism is likewise one that the factor that is resulting in jamming. Take off the hop-up device from the gun.

5.Make sure the this of the gears inside space not broke. For that, you have to open up the feather pistol. If so then change them.

2.BBs no shooting straight

This is also one the the typical problem specifically with friend are brand-new with airsoft guns. People have complained the BBs no shooting straight and also they obtain panicked that they have actually been offered a damaged gun but that’s not the case.Here room the remedies that you deserve to try:



1.You have to make sure that you room using the correct weight for her BBs.High FPS airsoft weapons will require heavyweight BBs to cover the correct distance and path.


2.Make sure your barrel is clear from all kinds the jamming which have the right to be caused by debris making use of an unjamming rod.


3.Apply lubrication in her barrel.Make sure you usage 100% silicon-based lubrication.

My Opinion

In most of the cases, uneven it is straightforward twerk or part minor breaking its in unsecured to get an airsoft feather pistol. Also, if you space planning to obtain your spring rifle repaired climate it finds spare components is not a an extremely easy job. Therefore, if her gun is broken or damaged, just replace it with a brand-new gun. Here are some reasons why dumping a damaged or damaged spring pistol is a much better option :

1.Cheap cost

Spring-powered weapons are among the cheapest category in airsoft guns. Generally, spring strength is said for those who are breaking into the ar of airsoft and also need a gun to get their hands set.


2. Difficulty with preventive parts

The components that are discovered in feather pistols are an extremely delicate and mostly rare. The components that room fitted inside room very tiny and you have to search a lot for them in the industry such together gears and also screws etc. You must be extra mindful while installation the parts.


3.No mechanic 

As repairing a feather gun is a technological job, it have the right to be ideal done through a pistol mechanic.The precious of airsoft weapons is really less.Spring weapons are largely purchased by beginner or collectors and also serious football player or enthusiasts doesn’t provide much attention to feather guns.Therefore,there is a vast shortage of human being who desires to fix or fix the feather guns.

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If you have a damaged or damaged airsoft feather gun keep it in the cupboard. Go to one airsoft store, and purchase a great spring gun if you still desire to rod to spring power. After you acquisition a brand-new gun, take the magazine for the old gun and also put the in a new one. If your brand-new gun likewise gets damaged, usage the old pistol to obtain the spare parts and also fix the new gun.

The ultimate advice ns can provide if your gun is damaged is to prevent going after spring guns. Castle are really delicate and you can’t do lot with them. If you think you are experienced enough with guns and also you desire to take her airsoft an abilities to next level, upgrade to a gas-powered or electric-powered airsoft gun. These are following level airsoft guns and also are powerful