Your fastpitch softball bat will most likely be your biggest single expense in the softball season. A composite softball bat should last approxitmently 18 months with normal wear and tear. Besides, obvious cracks and dents a bat is considered broken if it rattles when shaken, knob is pushed in or loosen, or has a significant performance decline.

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There are several tests to confirm if the bat is broken. Not to fret if your bat is broken, most manufacturers have a 12-month warranty.

Signs your bat is Dead or Broken

Obvious cracks and dents

Obvious structural crack on Easton Ghost Bat

Cracks are common in composite bats. Jagged shark tooth cracks or cracks that go around the bat are structural cracks. These cracks mean your bat is broken and should be replaced.

Cracks verus webbing

Ghost bat with paint webbing

Most composite bats uses DUAL BARREL CONSTRUCTION. The outer barrel is softer than the usual single barrel bats and that is why you see the paint crack. These cracks called webbing are superficial vertical along the barrel. Webbing happens with all bats now.

broken or loose knob

This is pretty self-explanatory if the bat knob is loose in any way the bat is not usable. Loose knobs are a defect of the bat, most will come off during basic use like soft toss practice. The knob will also sometime push in slightly, this is also a defect covered by the warranty.

Rattle sounds

A rattle means the composite is starting to come apart on the inside. It’s going to get hotter and hotter until it breaks.

We recommend to use it up to the point it breaks or you get close to the one year mark, then return it for replacement. A picky umpire will throw out a bat that rattles and return it to you at the end of the tournament.

USSSA Rules on Bat rattle
USSSA rules on bat rattle

How to return a Dead Bat

Louisville Slugger Bat Warranty

Louisville Slugger is the manufactor of many popular fastpitch bats including the Xeno, Prism, RXT, andLXT.

Quote of warranty from Louisville website

1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Under this limited warranty, Louisville Slugger will provide a one-time repair or replacement of your non-wood bat within 1 year from the date of purchase (“Warranty Period”) for the following 3 conditions resulting from normal field use — (1) severe denting, (2) structural cracking, or (3) broken end caps or knobs.IF YOUR BAT EXPERIENCES (1) SEVERE DENTING, (2) STRUCTURAL CRACKING, OR (3) BROKEN END CAPS OR KNOBS, THEN PLEASE CEASE USING THE BAT AND SUBMIT A WARRANTY CLAIM.To qualify for warranty service, you must be the original purchaser of the bat and provide proof of purchase from an authorized Louisville Slugger dealer.

Contact information for Louisville Warranty

To start the warranty process with Louisville Slugger for a bat replacement you have to fill out their online form. You will be asked to upload a photo of proof of purchase and a photo of the issue with the bat.

Personal experience with Louisville

We had a Xeno with a slight rattle and had lost all its pop at the plate. I had only purchased it 9 months ago so I was well within my warranty period. I filled out their online form and immediately received an email with a claim number and instructions on how to return the bat. I mailed the bat the next day. I received an email from them 7 business days after they received my bat stating that my claim had been approved and that I would receive a voucher via email within 5 business days. On the 5th day, I received an email with a coupon code to be used on the Louisville slugger website.

Our voucher was worth $300 and free shipping. We ordered our new bat online and had it in hand in 5 days. All in all the entire exchange process took 3.5 weeks.

Easton bat Warranty

Easton is the manufactor for the popular Ghost bat as well as the FRZ and the Prowess.

Quote from Easton warranty

For 1 year from the date of original purchase, Easton will warrant the following bats against defects in materials or workmanship:

This warranty is limited to one bat per original purchase and can be redeemed only by the original purchaser. Bats under this warranty will only be repaired or replaced once under warranty.

This warranty applies only to defects in materials and workmanship and does not apply to any representations of bat weight or size.

EASTON contact information

To start the warranty process with EASTON for a bat replacement you have to fill out their order form. Please note that that you have to send proof of purchase with the bat or your warranty will not be approved.

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Personal experience with Easton

My daughter’s 2018 dual stamp ghost end cap broke and I sent it to Easton immediately. I received an email that they received it but no timeline or follow up. 3 weeks later I received a 2020 ghost (due to no 2018s made anymore). All and all the process took a month.