Over time, the is a typical problem for gamers to endure scratching ~ above their game discs. Scratches ~ above the underside part of one Xbox 360 video game disc have the right to prevent the console from reading the key properly. There are a couple of options once it pertains to repairing a scratched Xbox 360 disc in a quick and also affordable manner.

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Clean the Xbox 360 Disc

Rinse both sides of the bowl under a gentle stream the cool water. This will eliminate any tiny bits that dust and also grime the can cause further scratching if not removed.

Use a noodle swab to use a thin layer the toothpaste roughly the underside the the scratched disc. Spread the toothpaste evenly around the entire surface.

Wipe the bowl clean through a soft, dried cloth. Start from the inside center of the disc and also wipe external in a straight line come the external edge the the disc. Repeat this process 15 to 20 times.

Reinsert the Xbox 360 disc into the console. A effective cleaning will an outcome in smooth play.

Send the Disc because that Repair

Visit the main Microsoft video game Disc Replacement regimen website. Examine to see if the game is extended under the program.

Download the Microsoft Xbox 360 game Disc replacement Order Form. The kind is a PDF file, for this reason a PDF viewer is required.

Print the end the kind and fill the end the information requested. Monitor the mail instructions top top the form. A replacement disc need to arrive in the letter within 2 weeks.


You likewise can take it the disc to a regional DVD rental store or used video clip game store and also see if they offer a disc fix service. These stores generally have a experienced disc repair machine they usage to fix scratched discs. Be prepared to pay a little fee, but many stores will certainly repair her disc because that free.

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When clean everything the disc, execute not wipe in a circle; this can reason even an ext scratching.


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