I took my fur babies camping end the weekend and we had actually the ideal time! It to be a blast to invest a few days in the wilderness far from the all. While mine dogs definitely liked being able come roam around and also gallivant as they pleased, us were camped close to a large grassy field. My dogs came away with so countless burrs in your fur! and I must say, the looked quite painful to have those stuck! ns didn’t desire to eliminate the burrs v scissors (my dogs had actually been groomed recently) so ns went trying to find a much better alternative. Fortunately, i found an easy (relatively pain-free) way to remove burrs in fur. Chances are, friend have every little thing you need currently at home.

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Use a pair of pliers come crush the spines that the bur. This will save the burr indigenous snagging together you walk on to remove them native the hair of her dog.
Next, apply a hearty bit of olive oil come the area impacted and perform your best to separate your dog’s fur from the burr as finest you can. Remember to be generous v the olive oil, however don’t walk overboard! It deserve to be a chaos to clean up. And you don’t have to worry about putting olive oil on her dog’s coat! believe it or not, olive oil is just one of the ideal things because that dog’s hair. Additionally, many vets suggest adding olive oil supplements to their food once daily. Anything because that our fur friends, am i right?

Once the olive oil has actually been applied and you’ve done your best to different the hair native the burr, usage a wide-toothed comb to remove the burr native the hair. Simply brush it out in lengthy strokes.

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Repeat the same process on the remainder that the burrs stuck in her dog’s hair. Hopefully, there aren’t too numerous of them, together it could be difficult to acquire your canine friend to sit still because that this long. Once they have all to be removed, offer your dog a bathtub to wash away every one of the olive oil from their hair. Nice easy, right?

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