Neopets Dubloon O Matic Guide

Today’s post will be covering everything you need to know about Neopets Dubloons and the use of the Dubloon-O-Matic.

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What are Dubloons?

Neopets Dubloons are the official currency of Krawk Island. You’ll find you need Dubloons is this area to purchase items from the local shops as well as training your pet at Cap’n Threelegs’ Swashbuckling Academy.

How do you get Dubloons?

There are a few ways of getting Neopets Dubloons, my favourite of which has to be going through all my Neopets Dailies every day. Visiting Coltzan’s Shrine will occasionally reward Dubloons. As will completing the Anchor Management daily.

Another way of quickly getting Dubloons on Neopets would be to buy them either through the shop Wizard or the Trading Post. Obviously this isn’t a freebie like the methods mentioned above, but if you’re in a rush it is a quick route to take, especially if you have plenty of neopoints to spend.

Where is the Dubloon O Matic located?

The Neopets Dubloon O Matic lies on the edge of Kwark Island, if you’d like to head straight to the Dubloon-o-matic just click here. Alternatively just head to the world map, then go to Krawk Island and you’ll see it there on the left hand side.

What does the Dubloon O Matic do?

The Dubloon O Matic is a machine that’s designed to let you exchange your Dubloons for higher denomination coins. You’ll be shown all the coins available in your current inventory, then it lets you check which ones you’d like to combine and shows you what’s available for you to exchange for.

It’s worth keeping in mind the value of your lower denomination coins though. Sometimes trading up can be a bad idea as the higher Dubloon can actually be worth less than the combination of lower Dubloons. You wouldn’t want to trade two ‘one dubloon coin’ for a ‘two dubloon coin’ if they are worth more separate.

What Dubloon coins exist?

Below I’ll provide a list of all the Dubloon coins currently available:

One Dubloon CoinTwo Dubloon CoinFive Dubloon CoinTen Dubloon CoinTwnety Dubloon CoinFifty Dubloon CoinOne Hundred Dubloon CoinTwo Hundred Dubloon CoinFive Hundred Dubloon CoinOne Thousand Dubloon CoinPlatinum Dubloon Coin

That’s all the Neopets Dubloons currently available, I’ve not actually had the chance to get any higher than a fifty dubloon coin myself, so if you have any of those I’d consider you pretty lucky.

How much is a Dubloon worth?

This is a tricky question to answer as the value of a Dubloon coin varies day to day depending on what the market is asking for them. It’s best to scan through the shop wizard a few times to find the lowest costing one each day.

Getting Change From Dubloons

Some people often wonder what happens when you use a large Dubloon coin to purchase something that cost less than the value of the Dubloon. You’ll be provided with the correct amount of change in Dubloon coins, minus the cost of whatever you bought.

The Golden Dubloon

If you buy a meal from The Golden Dubloon with a higher value Dubloon you’ll receive your Dubloon change back into your inventory.

Little Nippers

Again, if you purchase a petpet from Little Nippers with a higher value Dubloon you’ll also receive your change back into your inventory in the form of smaller denomination Dubloons.

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Cheers for reading through today’s guide on the Dubloon O Matic. If you have any extra questions just comment below and I’ll try to help you out as soon as I can.