im trying to get the title: the Thunderbluff, therefore i need to be exalted through them. Im a tauren is over there anyway you guys know to farm rep?
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Argent tournament stuff as soon as you"re a champion that TB. Ns think it"s 1k rep a day but i"ve never ever taken the rep as i had actually Ambassador before the patch. Runecloth"s around the just other way apart from select quests.

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I"d simply farm runecloth and turn that in. My strategy has always been to solo Stratholme for the runecloth till mine bags are full. Go to LHC and also mail come alt and also go earlier into Stratholme part more. Once I"m boring out of mine mind I"ll walk to Thunder Bluff and also turn in the runecloth. Or you can obtain the rep from doing the Argent tournament dailies. Clearly the lot of rep girlfriend can get is limited here by the variety of dailies available.Third choice is probably least profitable and that"s come go earlier and execute all the old pursuit that offer TB rep. Since you space a Tauren despite you may have actually done battered a few so this would certainly be my critical option.
I"m guessing you"re a DK since any type of tauren must be exalted with Thunder Bluff whilst levling. Just go to Mulgore and also do the pursuits there, you yes, really do get quite some rep.
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there"s additionally the quest for morrowgrain or whatever. No that effective yet a nice distraction.
Turn in the arbitrarily crap you acquire from looting corpses in AV, once you rotate them in, you"ll get between 1-5 rep because that the Horde. (Note: Only as soon as YOU turn it in, else you"ll just obtain Frostwolf rep).
I"m guessing you"re a DK since any tauren must be exalted with Thunder Bluff whilst levling. Just go to Mulgore and do the pursuits there, you really do gain quite some rep.
Gah, I have a Nightelf that wasn"t exalted with Darnassus while leveling. I virtually avoided all Nightelf areas, after i failed so difficult at those f*king vial pursuits in the beginning area there >,And i wasn"t exalted either v my monk in Undercity (nope, no preventing here ^^).Barrens/Mulgore/TB Quests.. Runecloth and yeah.. Competition Dailys! Don"t rotate in your 25 Seals if you already have perfect all other factions (i.e. OG, UC, SJ, SM.. Only TB left), you have the right to repeat doing the dailys in the small tent over and also over again, gain reputation v all Hordefactions and also earn much more gold. Well.. U"ll be lacking the Crusader Titel... ^^
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I have a Blood Elf and I struggle exalted this week, nothing special either.1) Morrowgrain quests. Hand it in as regularly as girlfriend can. It"s a 10 minute CD top top the pouch, so take plenty that seeds/soil whilst you do the following things. It"s just 75 rep per turn in, sadly. Yet it"s a really cheap, easy method to get rep. It"ll take around about one hour or therefore to gain 10 morrowgrain if lucky.2) Make certain you"ve done all the quests in TB/Mulgore. 3) Hand in 60 Wool, Silk and also Mageweave, if you"ve no done it. That"s 350 rep every quest. Do the same for Runecloth.4) Maybe rather of always taking the coin purse v champion dailies, take it a writ every 2-4 quests. It"s 250 rep, so you won"t need a the majority of them.5) go to thousands Needles if you haven"t before. That and Camp Taurjo (Barrens) have to be good for rep. I also found the Runetotem male at Crossroads no too bad for rep.Just act all the should acquire you to Exalted. I uncovered Runecloth turn ins very inefficient, uneven you"re law Argent Dawn rep/Baron runs.