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Last update on November 30, 2020 through Yovana

As you may or might not understand by now, we are pretty frugal (where it provides sense because that us) and energetic side hustlers. We don’t usually like come pay full price because that stuff, even with entertainment. Scoring complimentary concert tickets (or close come free) isn’t all that hard and we have discovered a couple of tricks over the year to show you show.

Unfortunately, many of the time human being get turned turn off from going come concerts because of how high-quality they have the right to be. This is since they don’t know of the countless ways friend can gain cheap and free concert tickets. You need to get creative sometimes to execute the things you desire to carry out for cheap.

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How come Score cost-free Concert Tickets: 14 Real methods We’ve TriedHow to save Money ~ above Concert Tickets

How to Score free Concert Tickets: 14 Real methods We’ve Tried

These 14 tips and tricks space all things that we actually tried and also worked for us. You room bound to find something in this list that will work-related for you and grant you free admission to your favorite bands and live events!

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1. Check out the ‘Absolutely complimentary Tickets’ at StubHub or Ticketmaster.

Many urban have cost-free concerts the go top top periodically. Because that this purpose, Ticketmaster and also StubHub have a ar of their site and apps referred to as ‘Absolutely cost-free Tickets’. Making use of this section you can conveniently score yourself some free concert tickets.

Check below to see what tickets are available for complimentary in her neck of the woods.

2. Go into online sweepstakes for cost-free tickets.

Currently, end at thebalance.com they have actually some amazing sweepstakes listed that are going on ideal now! They encompass prizes of free concert tickets, movie tickets and also more. What is good about this website is the they publish brand-new lists that sweepstakes at this time going on virtually every day. You can discover millions of points to success for free, no just totally free concert tickets.

Check it out here.

3. Get in social media contests, giveaways and Facebook groups.

Search because that your regional event and also concert venues on Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram. Inquiry to add them and follow them therefore you can get any kind of status update on social media contests and giveaways the they may have going on.

I do this with a local venue in our area referred to as The Pageant. A great friend of mine won 2 free tickets to among their concerts last summer through entering among their on facebook contests which were a thread where you ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and also ‘Comment’ on their post about the occasion to be gotten in into the contest and also giveaway. The following day she was notified on facebook via tag that she won!

Facebook groups are an excellent for this too. Just type in the find bar on on facebook ‘free concert tickets’ or ‘cheap concert tickets’ or ‘free events’ , etc. Girlfriend will watch a roll-up of teams specifically for her city (and probably even details events in her area in the search outcomes too) and also others that are a broader range. I found a an excellent group for Chicago v this method.

4. Sign up to it is in a seat filler.

Search ~ above Google for a chair filler agency in her city or visit SeatStir.com. Chair filler memberships help venues to fill their unsold seat by granting complimentary tickets come a wide range of events, not just concerts. Because that a little fee, you can gain cost-free admission come every occasion or concert walk on in her city!

5. Utilize the Groupon + InboxDollars (or Ebates/Rakuten) hack.

InboxDollars is an app that payment you to review emails, take it surveys, play games, complete offers and also much more. You basically obtain paid to play roughly on her phone to happen the time when you are bored. InboxDollars also has a specific section the the application just for Groupon purchases.

In the InboxDollars app, click the article that says Groupon to it is in redirected with the InboxDollars app to Groupon. Climate you will see Groupon supplies (including a ton for concerts) that are already giving you a large savings, plus what InboxDollars will pay you because that purchasing.

Did I point out they salary you secondary $5 just for signing up? Clickhereto read our complete review the the app.


Or much better yet, usage Groupon with the Ebates Google Chrome web browser extension (plus obtain a $10 welcome bonus ~ above Ebates/Rakuten as soon as you sign up with my link). Currently, Ebates has actually 6% cash ago on all Groupon purchases therefore you deserve to save even an ext on concert tickets.

Rewards hacking has never been so fun!

6. Volunteer at the event or concert.

Did you know you can volunteer for totally free concert tickets? You deserve to sign as much as be a volunteer through the event, concert’s website or contact the venue where it is taking place. Volunteering in ~ the concert way you get your join for free!

If the is a music festival you deserve to volunteer some hours or part days and have the rest for absolutely free without having to work-related the whole time!

About 4 years ago I signed as much as volunteer in ~ a music festival called Summercamp. It to be an exceptional volunteer agreement due to the fact that over the course of a couple of days all I had actually to perform was accomplish at least 4 hours of volunteer hours and I got my admission fully free! This included totally free camping and parking together well. Talk around an exceptional deal!

7. Examine with your employer.

Some employers often give away cost-free concert tickets and complimentary tickets to sports games. It is just one of the plenty of ‘unspoken’ perks you can acquire at a job. Usually, your employer will send emails the end asking if anyone would choose the tickets obtainable for the season and also list them.

In other cases, friend will have actually to check with her HR room to check out if you have to be included to those particular distribution lists. Give it a try though and ask someone around them, possibilities are lock will have something come giveaway the season!

8. Acquisition tickets online v coupons and cashback internet browser apps.

When you acquisition tickets online with Ticketmaster or StubHub you should use one of these cashback apps and also browser expansions to obtain a great chunk of money ago from your purchase.

Who knows, v these signup bonuses you might end up spanning the entire expense of your concert tickets and thus, getting more free concert tickets!

My favorite cashback sites and also apps:

Combine a cashback expansion like Ebates/Rakuten v Swagbucks because that even more cashback potential. See exactly how this look at in our internet browser when you apply both.


Then simply click come ‘Activate’ on both internet browser extensions. You will get cash back for both the them and you will gain the signup bonuses for each app on top of that if that is your first time using these!

9. Use a rewards map to get a portion of your purchase ago in cashback!

Using rewards cards gets you some good savings! now that everyone is giving them, no issue where girlfriend shop, why not acquire in top top the activity because paying full price is just throwing away your money these days.

Most rewards cards prefer the travel hacking ones we usage will give you an option to cash the end your points. You can use the cashout because that basically free concert tickets!

10. Check Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

Listing apps and also sites prefer Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace deserve to be a goldmine because that cheap or even totally free concert tickets. Sometimes people just want to remove their tickets for whatever reason and offer them for free.

If girlfriend can’t uncover any complimentary tickets ~ above her, you room bound to find some extremely discounted tickets. Ns say this is worth a try!

11. Usage a cheaper ticket distributor.

Ticketmaster deserve to sometimes be the worst site to go v for tickets. If girlfriend can’t find any type of ‘Absolutely free Tickets’ or do cashback apps work the finest for friend to get the most amount back for her purchase, then you end up payment the complete price plus a fill of fees.

There are a pair of cheaper ticket distributors you have the right to go through though come make your life 100% easier.

Some the the cheaper ticket website are:

Sign up because that TicketNetwork today and get $25 turn off your next purchase through them!

The best thing around Tickets.Expert is girlfriend can even score cheap ticket to sold-out reflects in the area. Exactly how do they execute this? No idea, yet it is awesome.

12. Become an event blogger.

Did you understand it is feasible to walk to all of your favourite concerts and events for cost-free or maybe even get paid because that it through blogging and also promoting brands? Well, that is really much possible and numerous bloggers accomplish this every day.

The way that event bloggers and brand ambassadors achieve free admission to events and also concerts is by obtaining a press pass.

Bloggers can also make money if attending events and also concerts by:

Sponsorship to attend the occasion or concert and blogging or vlogging around itPromoting ads or affiliate links on their posts

If you have actually not yet started a blog and also want to, or are having trouble through where to start, examine out just how To produce A Self hosted WordPress Blog.

13. Perform it the old fashioned method and call your neighborhood radio station!

The radio has been roughly forever and also has constantly been people’s very first go-to for totally free concert ticket giveaways and announcements.

It quiet is a an excellent option as soon as you room on the lookout to gain the sexy tickets for free. Hear to her radio terminal periodically throughout the day and on her commute to check out if any type of ticket giveaways space going on. Most will have actually a website now and will likewise have those announcements there.

14. Examine your city’s cost-free events.

Our city has actually tons of cost-free concerts available throughout the year. From a totally free festival and also concerts downtown under the St. Luigi Arch for the 4th of July come the complimentary concert series at the factory Gardens transparent the entire summer, our city has it all.

St. Luigi isn’t a very large city either. Which speak me that it can’t be the only city that provides so many cost-free events favor this.

My suggestions for finding these totally free events and concerts space the following:

Go to your on facebook app and click whereby it says ‘Events’ and also browse the upcoming occasions in the area. Chances are that few of these space free.Google ‘free concerts close to me’ or ‘free events near me’.

How to save Money ~ above Concert Tickets

If friend exhausted every one of the above options to shot and get cost-free or almost totally free concert tickets and also had no luck, no worries. You deserve to still usage savings hacking to get discounted tickets.

Sign Up because that Alerts

Songkick is a website the will help you organize and track all your favorite bands. They will certainly send girlfriend alerts once your favourite bands concerned your town and when the ticket prices gain posted (and as soon as those fall in price).

But my favorite website to authorize up for ticket cautions on has to be SeatGeek. SeatGeek is by much the finest when it concerns when ticket prices drop.

Wait till It gets Closer come The Date

SeatGeek is likewise the finest website to discover the lowest price because that a ticket on either the day prior to or the job of the concert. Even if the tickets are offered out, friend will find them top top SeatGeek.


You can check StubHub and see if girlfriend have any luck but in mine experience, you will discover the cheapest prices last minute on SeatGeek.

You can additionally surf ~ above Facebook teams or the venue’s Facebook web page for any posts from people looking come unload your tickets if they uncovered out last minute the they space no longer able to go.

Scope out Cheaper Concerts

You might not be able to go to that Beyonce concert because, those ticket prices simply aren’t budging. That’s understandable due to the fact that Beyonce is the queen. Like, THE queen. You can still find cheaper choices explained above or you could scope the end cheaper concert in the area.

Look at her venue’s website and also facebook page to check out the cheaper concert going on, google because that cheap concerts in your area or keep checking your email alerts.

You will uncover something.

Wrapping points Up

There room so plenty of ways come get totally free concert tickets yet some of them call for a bit more craftiness 보다 what most people are willing to put up with. That isn’t a trouble though through the diversity of concert apps and ticket apps that room willing to offer away tickets for cheap and pretty close to free.

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With these tips, i hope girlfriend will discover a pair of concert to get totally free admission come or at the very least score your tickets at a much less expensive rate.

What space some means that you have scored cheap or totally free concert tickets? I would certainly love to hear of methods that I have yet come encounter!