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By Trevor_Pruchniewski
K KK KKkK kK k INGDOM understanding 2

mY FAQ IS around LEVELING UP develops THE EASY way FOR THOSEPEOPLE FED UP.p.s everytime you gain a level you acquire 1 bar longer fortransformation for that form.vALOR FORM:tHIS form is one of the hardest come level upyou have to inflict damage to enemys to gain experiencei reccomend walking to decision fissure constantly and going upthe rivine and also fighting till you you space level 7Abilities: expansion (normal sora)1:None2:Drive powered up3:High jump level 1 typical sora/level2 valor4:COmbo plus drive powered up5:high run level 2 typical sora/level 3 valor6:Combo plus/Drive powered up7:drive powered approximately 9/high jump level 3 sora/ high jump max valorWisdom form:this is just one of the many easiest creates to level increase you level up each time you kill an enemyi reccomend going come timeless flow go in the an initial door and fight the people and also continue until yourun out of gauge go to the beginning place transform again and leave the door when tranformed

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youll have a complete gauge everytime girlfriend level it up you obtain 1 much more level up gaugeLevel 2: journey powered uplevel 3: fast run level 1 sora/wisdom lvl 2level 4: mp haste abilitylevel 5: quick run level 2 sora/wisdom level 3level 6: mp rage soraLevel 7: Sora fast run level 3/wisdom Max level fast runMaster form:Honestly the tool easiest to level upyou acquire experience come level increase by collecting drive gauge chargerssoo i reccomend law the same ar as wisdom yet for everyenemy you kill collect the orbs and also do what i stated with the replacement of kind gaugeslevel 2:drive gauge it is provided uplevel 3:Sora Ariel dodge lvl 1/master level 2 ariel dodgelevel 4:Air combat pluslevel 5:sora ariel evade level 2/master level 3level 6:air combat add to level7:Sora ariel evade level 3/master ariel evade maxFinal formthis kind is a pain in the ass to gain you need to constantly transform until you earn itthe easiest method to level this up is to go to skyway the naught and also fight the nobodies (just choose wisdom girlfriend onlyget 1 endure to every nobdy you beat only nobodies)until you acquire one gauge left go earlier to twilights viewand teleport to the human being map and do that over and over unitl level sevenLevel 2:Gauge it is provided upLevel 3:Sora glidelvl 1/final lvl 2level 4:drive boostlevel 5:sora glide level 2/ final level 3level 6:drive boostlevel 7:sora glide level 3/final level maxI keep in mind that every the development abilities are required to fight and also beatthe optional boss sephiroth (recommended level 92 at least)in the dark depths hole bastion/radiant gardenplease if you believed this fact was helpful send me an e-mail fo how beneficial it was atGotenDBZ312