Five Island, likewise known as Chrono Island, is whereby the Rocket Warehouse is located. However, prior to you start messing through Team Rocket, there"sother far better things come do. Surf west right into the Water Labrynth, and you"ll discover an old male on land. Talk to him, and he"ll provide you an Egg that consists of Togepi. Next, go eastern in the Water Labrynth to reach the resort Gorgeous section. You"ll reach an additional peice that land v some trainersand an north house. Continue east and also you"ll with the shed Cave.

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Locations (Five Island)

Lost Cave

This is a confusing cave filled v fog, and also exits that never ever seem to go wherein you desire to go. Follow these wise measures to navigate the cave:Go right, up, down, down, right, left, down, right, and up. ~ that, you"ll reach Lady Selphy, who"ll battle you with two lv. 49 Persian. Afterdefeating her, she"ll take it you to her house, which was the empty house you passed by earlier. Go speak to her when you have the Pokemon she desires to see,and she"ll offer you a luxury Ball. Because that items in the lost Cave, go ago and follow these steps for the items you want (begin at the start):

Lax Incrense - right, downMax revive - right, up, down, down, right, rightRare liquid - right, up, down, down, right, left, down, leftSea Incense - right, up, down, up

Locations (Lost Cave)

Rocket Warehouse

After taking treatment of all that, it"s time to face Team Rocket. Either fly or walk earlier to the Pokemon Center, and go south from there.After a while, you"ll reach Rocket Warehouse. Go inside, and also you"ll view that familiar spin maze. Play around with the maze, and as you do, besure to choose up vital items such together TM36 - Sludge Bomb and Up-Grade. You want to reach the Scientist in the upper-right hand corner. Struggle him, andhe"ll provide you back the Sapphire. Be certain to press "A" versus the crate in this room for a swarm Ball. You"re finally finished with the Rockets!

Now departure the Rocket Warehouse and surf west. Go up and also pick increase the PP Up. Currently surf eastern a little to gain to Memorial Pillar.

Memorial Pillar

Battle all the human being on the piece of land, and also surfsouth a bit more. You"ll reach a bigger island with a huge rock in the middle and a steel Coat top top the left. The hugerock is the grave of the trainer"s Onix, Tectonix. If you leave a Lemonade there, the trainer will provide you TM42 - Facade.

Now that everything"s taken treatment of, walk to One Island and also hand Celio the Sapphire gem. V that, the machine is fixed,and now Pokemon indigenous Ruby and also Sapphire have the right to be traded come FireRed and also LeafGreen. In addition to that, you"ll have the ability to fight the upstream Fouragain, and will likewise be able to record Mewtwo in the Cerulean cave in Cerulean City. If you fight the Elite four again, they"llhave more powerful Pokemon, and you can do that on your own time. Now, it"s time to catch the the strongest Pokemom: Mewtwo!

Cerulean Cave

To gain to the Cerulean Cave, very first take the Ferry come Vermilion City, and also then paris to Cerulean City.Go north right into Route 24, and surf southfrom there. After ~ a short bit of surfing, you"ll uncover the entrance to a cave. This, is the Cerulean Cave.

The Cerulean cave is filled with the the strongest wild Pokemon. It"s fairly an interestingplace come navigate, due to the fact that it feels like you"ll never reach where you want to go. As you go in the direction of Mewtwo, you"ll choose up plenty of items and also meet manypowerful Pokemon. After ~ going through a maze favor structure number of times, you"ll uncover Mewtwo between two rocks.

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Mewtwo is a lv. 70 Psychic Pokemon, the strongest Pokemon in the game. This is the time to use your understand Ball, and hopefully, that wasn"t offered already.If your understand Ball was provided on some various other weaker Pokemon, then you far better prepare because that the hardest Pokemon catching ever. Mewtwo is almost impossible tocatch. However, it is possible, and you"ll need many, many Ultra Balls and also a Pokemon that"ll reduced Mewtwo"s HP to almost nothing and also to placed it tosleep. After recording Mewtwo, you have to be proud to be the owner the the most powerful Pokemon in the civilization of Pokemon!

After gaining Mewtwo, go earlier to Vermilion City and go come the port. Currently this walkthrough will take you to the critical Sevii Island: search Island.