World of final Fantasy has a quite solid story all of its own, but one the the many enjoyable things around the game is exactly how it provides you a glimpse at part classic FF heroes in a new setting.

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Several classic FF favourites are featured in the game as Champions. Champion basically work a lot prefer summon or eidolon beasts in previous FF titles. Once you obtain Cloud together a champion, for instance, you have the right to summon him to battle and also have him walk to city on an opponent with Omnislash.

Champions room unlocked throughout the course of the game's key story. After an encounter through a champion in the story your medal will become easily accessible for acquisition at the Girl's Tearoom in Nine wood Hills from thing 5 on. The medals are purchased making use of 2 arma gems, and also once you own a medal girlfriend can lug up to three different medals through you into fight - enabling you to go into battle with three potential Champion Summons.

Champion summoning is administer by a meter the fills. FF fans might want come think of it as many akin to a border break, trance or overdrive meter. You'll discover in the center of the basic battle menu. When it fills you'll earn a star, and depending ~ above the strength of a champion summoning lock will expense you one of two people one or two stars.

Here's our overview to when and also where you unlock all of the champion in civilization of FF.


World of final Fantasy Champions: Warrior the Light

The above hero of final Fantasy as featured on the box art and logo of the very first game in the series, that wouldn't be an FF game without the Warrior of irradiate - and also he's as necessary the very first champion you conference in thing 5 the the story, The Girl who Forgot she Name.

Once you have actually his medal, the Warrior the Light have the right to be summoned for one star. His attack, Oversoul, deals a many of damage and likewise provides a an increase to your defenses.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Refia

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Final Fantasy III's cheery white mage type Refia appears in ~ the an extremely start of chapter 8 once you get in an inn.

Refia costs 1 star to summon. Her move is heal Light, and also it's basically a really an excellent cure-all: that restores all friendly characters' HP and also removes any status ailments you can have.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Tifa

We run forward a variety of years now from FF3 right the method up to final Fantasy VII's bar-owning badass martial artist Tifa... That is distinctly an ext cutesy in style here as a Lilikin. You'll have the ability to buy her medal ~ the end of chapter 10.

Tifa comes complete with her classic Final Heaven limit break move. It hits one character, dealing the end physical damage while also giving every allied personalities a an increase to their strength. She costs 1 star to summon.


World of last Fantasy Champions: Snow

From one monk-type FF hero come another, final Fantasy XIII's snow is increase next. He'll have the ability to join friend not long after Tifa, in ~ the finish of chapter 12.

Snow's sovereign Fist attack hits all adversaries with magical ice damage. He also offers a defense an increase for allies after his attack. He expenses one star to summon.

World of last Fantasy Champions: Lightning

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Where there is snow, an annoyed Lightning can't be far behind... And also Lightning will be accessible to join you as quickly as you finish Chapter 13 and can accessibility the Girl's Room again.

Lightning prices two stars come summon, and also her Gestalt Drive strike deals physical damage to one enemy while giving allies a stamin boost.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Squall

The champion unlocks room coming thick and also fast now. Squall's the latest, and he will be easily accessible to pick up native the Girl's Room after chapter 14.

His Lion Heart move is a classic, and also it features here a bit like in last Fantasy VIII, inflicting a great chunk that physical damages to one target. It also - you guessed that - offers a strength boost. It costs one star.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Shelke

This is a weird one, and also less specialized fans might not also know Shelke - she appeared as a fairly significant character in FF7 spin-off Dirge the Cerberus. In world of last Fantasy, she mirrors up and also her medal will be easily accessible after chapter 15.

Shelke's Countertek ability can be pretty valuable if you find yourself in a pinch, and it only expenses one star. It restores HP when removing an adverse status results from allies, however it'll likewise strip hopeful buffs indigenous enemies.


World of final Fantasy Champions: Bartz

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We all still wish he to be officially called Butz, of course, yet Final Fantasy V's Bartz puts in his WOFF appearance in thing 16. After the his medal becomes available.

His Clash on the big Bridge relocate hits a solitary foe v a nasty physical strike while additionally buffing the party's evasion and also accuracy. He prices two stars come summon.

World of last Fantasy Champions: Cloud

FF's most iconic hero bring away his sweet time to display up, yet Cloud lastly makes an illustration in chapter 17 and also is then easily accessible via his medal from the Girl's Room.

Cloud uses Omnislash, that course, a devastating strike that access time one opponent. It additionally boosts the toughness of the party - all for a two star cost.

World of last Fantasy Champions: Celes

Celes is the secret best personality in last Fantasy VI. No arguments! The imperial soldier turned liberty fighter is easily accessible in medal form via the Girl's Room after chapter 17, favor Cloud.

Her Runic ability is a useful attack that hits v magical ice cream damage and inflicts the oblivion status effect. She likewise restores AP to allies, i beg your pardon is vital. She costs two stars come summon.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Tidus

King of laughter Tidus puts in his story figure in thing 18, and also after that fact you'll be able to nab his medal indigenous the Girl's Room.

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He expenses a solitary star to summon and also will use his Blitz Ace relocate to deal damage and rise the evasion stat that the party.


World of last Fantasy Champions: Shantotto

Shantotto has finally garnered a bit of fame as final Fantasy XI's main representative in the rest of the series. You'll be able to pick up her medal native the begin of chapter 19 on.

Her Magic Burst assault does specifically what you'd expect - it dishes the end a blast of magic damage to one of your foes while also giving you and your allies a an increase to your magic stat for the price of two stars.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Yuna

Yuna shows increase a little earlier in people of last Fantasy's story, but her medal will ultimately unlock for acquisition after you receive the airship in chapter 20.

Yuna uses The Sending, her iconic ritual dance native FF10. In this instance, the move revives all KOed allies with full HP - rather a significant little helping hand if you finish up in a pinch. She prices 1 star come summon.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Terra

It does seem sort of suitable that Terra is the last on-disc character on our perform - she is, in a sense, the quintessential final Fantasy hero. Like Yuna, you'll have the ability to pick up her medal native the Girl's Room after you acquire the airship in chapter 20.

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Terra's Magitek Laser relocate damages a single enemy through magic damages while likewise offering increase a boost to the magic power of every allies. She prices 2 stars come summon.

World of final Fantasy Champions: Sephiroth

Here's one extra bonus champion, and the fourth from the FF7 universe (which is type of messed up as soon as there's no champion native 2, 4 or 9) - Sephiroth! FF's number-one edge lord returns below as the only summonable villain.

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Sephiroth is at this time only easily accessible as DLC - and specifically as component of the job One edition of the game. If you pick up this beforehand print run of human being of FF you'll get a bonus day one download code. That'll acquire you access to the - he'll be easily accessible for unlock as soon as you reach the Girl's Room in thing 5. He supplies his powerful Super Nova move, despite in this video game it entails a touch less planetary destruction.