Imagine how much stuff us would end up throwing far if us didn"t have that tiny bottle of super glue. Also known together Krazy adhesive or power glue, the fast-drying adhesive have the right to glue with each other all kinds of various materials. In fact, apart from a damaged heart, super glue have the right to fix virtually anything.

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Since it dries quite quickly, super glue deserve to sometimes finish up on surface it shouldn’t be. If you’ve ever before tried resolving your eye glasses v super glue, climate you understand what we’re talk about. While solving the frame, the glue can drip and also spread onto the lenses and before friend can also think of ways to clean up the mess, the has currently dried up and left a difficult glue spot on her glasses.


You may be tempted to scratch it off through a tongue or operation to one optician to gain it replaced, but hold her horses and give this short article a read. You will do it be surprised to learn how easy the is to remove super glue. Back the adhesive is a strong adhesive, it creates only a weak bond v smooth surfaces. A little elbow grease or a little of solvent will remove the hardened glue in no time.

Learn how to eliminate super adhesive from her eyeglasses

The hacks described below will not just remove the glue from her glasses but additionally come in handy if you accidentally end up gluing her fingers together. If that hasn’t taken place to friend yet, simply wait. That will.

Scroll further to learn four easy hacking to remove super adhesive from eye glasses.


Method 1: nail Polish Remover (Acetone Base)Method 2: ToothpasteMethod 3: Rubbing AlcoholMethod 4: food Soap

Method 1: nail Polish Remover (Acetone Base)

Before and also after making use of nail polish remover to remove super adhesive from eyeglasses

An acetone-based pond polish remover is your ideal bet to acquire super adhesive off her glasses. However, perform not usage this hack on plastic lenses, together the remover deserve to erode the surface. Also, if your glass lenses have actually any kind of a coating ~ above them, it is recipient to do a rapid patch check on the edge simply to be sure it doesn’t injury the coating.


Otherwise, if your specs have an easy glass lenses, this technique will work-related every time.

Caution: perform not use nail polishing remover ~ above the frame, as it can damages the coating.

Single-Step Method: Soften the glue with nail polish remover & wipe the off
Dab part nail polish remover to breakdown the glue and also wipe that off with cottonSoak a cotton swab through an acetone-based nail polish remover.Dab it on the dried glue. This will help soften the glue.Soak a cotton ball with the pond polish remover and rub it over the loosened glue. Proceed rubbing using much more remover and also fresh cotton balls till all the glue has come off.Rinse your glasses with warmth water and wipe castle dry with a lint-free cloth.
Use this technique to remove super glue from her glasses successfully

Method 2: Toothpaste

Before and also after utilizing toothpaste to eliminate super adhesive from eyeglasses

Another famous remedy is using toothpaste ~ above the glue. Toothpaste is safe to usage on both plastic and also glass lenses. In fact, you can also use it to clean and shine up her home.

However, carry out not use toothpaste that contains any beads or granules that deserve to scratch the surface. Also, opt for a white toothpaste only. Other than that, this hack is for sure to usage on both coated and uncoated lenses.

You will need to very first soak the glue with warm water and then obstacle the toothpaste over it. It may require some elbow grease to obtain the glue turn off completely.

Step 1. Soak the adhesive with warm water
Dab the dried adhesive with warm water till the softensFold a lint-free cloth and also soak an leaf in heat water.Dab the soaked towel multiple times on the glue till it it s okay soft.Step 2. Obstacle toothpaste on the softened glue until it comes off
Apply and also rub white toothpaste ~ above the softened glue to remove it entirelyApply a little blob that toothpaste top top the glue.Use a dry edge the the fabric to obstacle the toothpaste end the glue.Applying for sure pressure, proceed rubbing in small circular strokes till the glue come off. It might take part time, however it will at some point come off.Rinse your glasses with water and also wipe them dry with a clean lint-free cloth.
Use this simple DIY hack to remove super glue from your eyeglasses

Method 3: Rubbing Alcohol

Before and also after cleaning turn off the superglue from eyeglasses by using rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol acts together a highly reliable cleaning agent and can likewise remove super glue from eye glasses. Just like the acetone nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol acts as a solvent on the dried glue and a tiny rub deserve to make that come turn off easily. While the is for sure to usage on both glass and plastic lenses, do a job test first if her lenses have actually a safety coating.

Single-Step Method: Soak the glue v rubbing alcohol & rub until it come off
Dab rubbing alcohol top top the dried super glue and also continue rubbing to eliminate as much of the glue as you canUse a noodle swab to dab rubbing alcohol on the dried glue.Continue rubbing using much more alcohol to obtain as lot of the super glue off as possible.Rinse your glasses through water and also wipe them dry with a clean cloth.
Use rubbing alcohol to eliminate super glue from your spectacles

Method 4: dish Soap

Before and also after cleaning off the at sight glue making use of liquid dish soap

If you are wary of using any type of harsh chemistry on your vulnerable glasses, then go for this food soap hack. Fluid dish soap, such together Dawn, is mild sufficient to use on both plastic and glass lenses. The will additionally not damage any kind of protective coating on your glasses. If you space using any kind of other brand of food soap, make certain it is ammonia-free. In fact, girlfriend can additionally use this functional ingredient because that cleaning, insect control, and also more.

A great rub with the soap equipment will break the bond in between the glue and also the glass surface. The glue deserve to then be wiped off easily.

Step 1. Prepare the soap solution
Mix the dish soap through water come prepare the clean liquidPour ½ cup of heat water in a bowl.Add 1 tespoon of fluid dish soap.Stir well until the soap disappear completely.Step 2. Soak the towel in the soap equipment & usage it come wipe turn off the glue
Dip a microfiber fabric in the soap solution and also use it come wipe off the glueFold a microfiber cloth and dip the in the soap solution.Press the damp cloth against the glue and also hold it because that a couple of minutes. Girlfriend can likewise secure it v plastic wrap and also leave it on because that 2 to 3 hours.If the glue has not softened yet, rewet the fabric with the warmth soap solution and dab the on the adhesive again.Once the glue is saturated soft, usage the same towel to give the adhesive a tiny nudge. Apply gentle yet firm push to obtain as lot glue off as you can.Rinse her glasses with level water and wipe lock dry.

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Use fluid dish soap to remove super adhesive from the lens of your eyeglasses


You deserve to also try using a Magic Eraser to eliminate super adhesive from eye glasses, but only ~ above glass lenses that carry out not have any protective coating.Acetone-based nail polish remover can likewise be used to gain super adhesive off your skin.