speak to of Duty: black color Ops 4 Zombies football player who desire to complete the easter egg ~ above IX will need to finish these actions to collect the death of Orion Wonder Weapon.

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black ops 4 death of stole serket's kiss zombies wonder weapon ix
Like previous Zombies maps, Call that Duty: black Ops 4 has a special Wonder Weapon the players can collect by fixing puzzles. The old Rome-themed zombies map IX attributes a Wonder Weapon called the fatality of Orion, i m sorry is necessary to complete the easter egg as well as unlock part other accomplishments in the game.

here is a step-by-step guide on just how to obtain the fatality of Orion Wonder Weapon on IX. Us recommend Call that Duty: black Ops 4 football player make an effort to familiarize themselves v the map and also its assorted locations prior to attempting to do this, however.

1. Pack-A-Punch

black ops 4 ix monster
The very first step to getting the fatality of Orion Wonder Weapon ~ above IX is activating the Pack-A-Punch. As we in-depth in ours Pack-A-Punch guide, act this is a matter of visiting the Altar Room in each of the four towers, hitting the gong there, and then death the champion that spawns. Every champion will certainly drop a head that players have the right to collect and take come the underground Temple, wherein they can be placed on spikes. This in turn activates the obelisk, i m sorry serves together the Pack-A-Punch on IX.

black ops 4 zombies ix playable characters
The following step is to construct the acid Trap, i m sorry is fairly simple come do because the parts don"t it seems ~ to change spots. Two of them have the right to be discovered in the lower floor the the holy place in the contrary corners - the metal chains and the gear. As soon as these have actually been collected, players will have to head to the Arena and also start completing the challenges if lock haven"t done so already.

when three challenges have been completed, a tiny pot will generate on the facility podium. This is the last component needed to construct the acid Trap, yet there"s something else players must do prior to they actually usage it.

black ops 4 brazen bull shield
before players must use the acid Trap, they require to acquire a special statue head come melt down with the acid. To obtain this statue head, players should head come the secret area again, and also go come the Danu-Ra holy place Entrance. Over there is a small metal grate below that is blocking a long hallway. There is a flaming pot in ~ the finish of the hallway, so shoot it. Climate go as much as the leg that associate the Danu and also Ra Towers and look at the ground in between it and the arena. There should be a flaming arrowhead here pointing to among the 4 towers. Follow the arrowhead to every little thing tower it"s pointing in ~ to start trying to find the frosting head.

The frosting head has actually four different spawn locations, all depending upon which tower that spawned in.

Danu Tower - In the water in the Arboretum. Odin Tower - ~ above the grate in the floor in the Cauldron room. Ra Tower - inspect the corners in the interment Chamber, close to flaming pots. Zeus Tower - In the Bath home underneath the curtains.

organize in the interact switch to pick up the statue head (there will certainly not it is in a prompt) and then head to one of the acid Trap develop locations. This look favor traps on the wall, and also can always be uncovered on the stairs leading from the Altar Room in every tower to the room below. Construct the trap, then place the frosting head top top the grate and also activate the trap.

death zombies and also wait because that the mountain trap to perform its thing. As soon as the trap is done, the Scorpion crucial will be where the statue head was. Choose it up and move on come the next step.

now players need to acquire the gold Vase, which deserve to be a little tricky. Basically, they have actually to acquire max crowd Affinity twice in a row. Crowd Affinity is represented by the skeleton hand in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Once that hand is offering a thumbs up, is green, and also on fire, that means Crowd Affinity is at max.

typically the crowd will certainly reward the player with something in the Arena, like max ammo or one more power-up. Swipe at the reward through a melee to win to refuse it, which is useful for keeping Crowd Affinity high. The exact same goes for the rewards the are offered when perfect the ripe Arena challenges; reject them to keep Crowd Affinity as high together possible. It additionally helps to stop taking damage, shooting rather of cram grenades, and killing champions.

Eventually, the yellow Vase will spawn at a random place in the Arena. Just move around the circle and also check the ground to discover it. After ~ grabbing the yellow Vase (like the Scorpion Key, there will certainly be no prompt), head to the Arboretum in the Danu Tower and check the tree closest to the stairs. Over there is a hole on the side that deserve to be hit v a melee attack. Execute so, then ar the vase underneath the poison that starts spilling out. Finish a entirety round and return to the vase to uncover it full.

collection the full vase and also then find the mystery box. The an enig box will constantly spawn in the please Hero room in the underground area very first before at some point moving come other places on the map, yet upon locating it, technique it native the side. There need to be a prompt to dump the toxicity on the box, yet this may take a few minutes to appear. At any kind of rate, put the toxicity on the mystery box when enabled to execute so, and also then do a purchase from the box for the usual 950 points.

The weapon the spawns from the box will constantly be the death of Orion after placing the toxicity on it. This Wonder Weapon is basically a scorpion that is especially an effective when utilizing the fee attack. It"s tied come a pair of different achievements on IX, favor killing nine zombies through a single shot that a non-charged attack, and also using the Pack-A-Punch to change it right into Serket"s Kiss.

In the meantime, it"s worth noting that various other players that want to collect fatality of Orion will be able to do for this reason if they save hitting the box. Building it the first time to add it to the roster of possible weapons that deserve to spawn in the box, and also it"s definitely worth it for everyone to acquire their hand on the weapon.

Call the Duty: black color Ops 4 is out now for PC, PS4, and also Xbox One.

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