Terraria is a game all around preparation and also luckily over there are countless different ways you deserve to prepare. Among them is to ensure you have a healthy and balanced stock of potions. Ensuring the you have the finest healing potions can change the dynamic that a an overwhelming fight dramatically. This is a perform of every feasible healing item girlfriend can achieve in Terraria. This list likewise includes the potential means you have the right to restore mana through consumables. 

Recovery Potions

These potions will certainly heal health, mana, or occasionally both when inflicting a debuff ~ above you called potion sickness. This is come ensure that Terraria is not merely preparing an inventory filled with health and wellness potions and tanking all the damages the game can throw at you. Medicine sickness will prevent you from drinking a potion the restores health for frequently 60 seconds. This debuff can be mitigated with certain accessories or different species of potions. 



Mushrooms grow everywhere on the surface of her Terraria world. If you at some point run out, break grass will cause more grass, flowers, or mushrooms to prosper in their place. Not just are mushrooms used for assorted potions, mushrooms can be consumed to cure 15 health. Mushrooms must only it is in eaten during the beforehand stages the the game, yet to compensate because that its lower health and wellness restoration, the medicine sickness debuff only lasts for 30 seconds. 

Bottled Honey

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If you take it a glass party to a liquid honey block you can make bottled honey. It is also used to handmade the abeemination item to summon the Queen bee boss. Eating this bottled honey will heal 80 health and also cause potion sickness for 60 seconds. This is an ext cost effective than the lesser heal potion, however quickly becomes outclassed by the regular healing potion. 

Lesser/Regular/Greater/Super heal Potion

There are four tiers of heal potions you have the right to find and also craft in Terraria. Every one of these potions monitor the same ascendancy of inflicting medicine sickness because that 60 seconds. The lesser healing potion is the most basic to attain as it only requires a mushroom, two glass bottles, and also two gelatin to yield two lesser healing potions. This potion will heal you for 50 health. You can upgrade this lesser healing potion right into a continuous healing potion by combining 2 lesser healing potions with a glowing mushroom. This regular healing medicine will gain back 100 health. The greater healing medicine is not upgraded native the regular healing potion and instead needs three bottled water, 3 pixie dust, and a crystal shard to heal you for a complete of 150 health. Finally, the biggest heal you can receive from potions is the super healing potion. This one is do by combining four greater healing potions and one of each celestial pillar fragment. Each recipe will yield four super heal potions and also will gain back your health by 200. The super healing medicine can likewise be dropped by the Moon Lord. 

Restoration Potion

The restoration potion is a two-for-one potion that heals both health and mana. This is not recommended for devoted mage players together this potion will certainly still inflict medicine sickness, staying clear of you native restoring mana through this potion. Luckily, the restoration potions only cause potion sickness because that 50 seconds. A lesser restoration potion will certainly heal 90 health and mana because that the price of one regular healing potion and also one continual mana potion. 

Lesser/Regular/Greater/Super Mana Potion

Players who choose to cast a lot of spells will know how quickly mana have the right to seem to disappear. For these players, mana potions are a need as it enables you to sling spells more frequently. Over there are 4 stages that mana potion, similar to healing potions. Unlike heal potions, you can drink as numerous mana potions as you want, however the debuff that inflicts is called mana sickness which will reduced your magic damages by a quickly decreasing percentage. Lesser mana potions can not be crafted and have to it is in bought or discovered throughout the world, this potions will restore 50 mana. The seller will sell lesser mana potions because that 1 silver, friend can uncover them in pots and also chests, and you can discover them on platforms placed in the dungeon. Continual mana potions can be crafted v two lesser mana potions and also a glowing mushroom restoring 100 mana. Better mana potions will restore 200 mana and also can it is in bought from the magician NPC for 5 silver. Supervisor mana potions space made by sets of 15 and also require 15 higher mana potions, a please star, 3 crystal shards, and a unicorn horn. This potions will gain back a lining 300 mana, which requires a decent set of armor come even attain a preferably this high. 

Bottled Water

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Bottled water is one more healing items you should skip uneven you are tough pressed because that resources. Castle are reasonably cheap come make together you simply have to stand alongside a water source and have actually glass bottles in her inventory. They only heal a meager 20 health and wellness points and also still inflict the full 60 secs of medicine sickness. Friend ought to preserve your bottled water because that potion recipes, no for health and wellness restoration.


Eggnog is a Christmas event item. If friend did not know, Terraria will examine your desktop’s calendar, and if it is Christmas, special opponents will spawn that can drop presents. You deserve to open this presents for a selection of blocks and Christmas themed items, and one that those item is eggnog. Eggnog will gain back 80 health and wellness which makes them a great early video game drop for health restoration, however will quiet inflict the medicine sickness buff because that 60 seconds. 


The honeyfin is a unique fish that have the right to be recorded from jungle biomes if you fish in honey. Pre-hardmode honeyfin is the highest wellness restoration you have the right to receive from eat or drinking potions. Eat a honeyfin will grant 120 health and also because honey only provides a select few fish, it deserve to be basic to stockpile many honeyfin to gain you into hardmode. 

Strange Brew

Strange brew is a potion bought indigenous the hike skeleton merchant underground. It provides the highest possible mana repair in the game at 400 mana restoration, however, that suffers indigenous the same detriment of reconstruction potions wherein it heals 80 health because of this inflicting medicine sickness for 60 seconds. The advantage of drinking strange brew is reduce the frequency of mana sickness come ensure you deal a huge amount the magic damage. However, if you are not i was sure in your evasive capabilities friend ought to avoid this one. 

In a Nutshell

Honeyfin is the best possible health recovery item you can attain pre-hardmode. Remain away from reconstruction potions or strange brew if you space interested in safety a most mana quickly. Because that hardmode, the ideal healing potions you can acquire would be higher healing potions. At the earliest stage of the video game you can manipulate mushrooms" low potion sickness debuff to restore small amounts that HP quickly. 


Congratulations, you now know of every possible way to heal your character with consumables. Picking the best potion is just picking the potion the heals the greatest amount that is available at your current stage that the game. Understanding some the the finer details can aid you method different step of the game, and grant friend an advantage for tackling few of the more tough encounters in Terraria.