Anything in ~ all deserve to be “shaped” through the Mind. In fact whatever that exists, not just within the physics Universe, but in the entire Universe from The source out to and also including the physical world is conscious, smart Energy, “shaped” by Mind. In the instance of the whole Universe the mind we are referring come is the limitless Mind the The Source, The very first Cause, that “God”.

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As facets of “God”, make in the true “image that God”, us have exactly the exact same powers the creation. Most world still do not however realize this, and therefore return they space subconsciously developing by focusing on things, whether they are wanted or unwanted, they merely either fail to notification their innovations or ascribe castle to together notions together “luck”, “chance” or “fortune”.

It is only as soon as a human being starts to understand that they space in fact a aware creator that they have the right to start to take manage of their very own lives and also “destiny”, by consciously producing only those points they desire to experience in your life.

Our strength of development do no only degree to “inanimate” objects however. We have the same limitless power to produce anything at all, seen or unseen, animate or inanimate; in fact we have the power to produce intelligent, life entities that have the right to make decisions and also perform live independence actions. This entities are well-known as “elementaries” when they are developed upon the Astral plane, or “elementals” when developed on the Mental airplane of the Universe.

Elementals and also in particular elementaries have the right to even developed unknowingly by world when they focus on what castle perceive to be a physical entity. Because that example, once thousands or even millions of civilization focus top top a comic publication character that they believe to be real, and also many youngsters will indeed believe a comic book character to be real, the cumulative power the that thought will actually create that comic book character top top the Astral planes. Thus developed the figure will have all the qualities of the comic book counterpart and also be totally capable that an independent existence, therefore a “life” has actually been created. Together a figure will proceed to exist until human being cease to focus on it; e.g. As soon as the number is withdrawn indigenous the comic book.

There space people, for instance Magicians, who completely understand these creative powers and also who have the right to actually develop entities upon the Astral airplane for particular purposes. Often these elementals, sometimes known as “servitors” are developed for hopeful purposes, for example as a warning or protection versus psychic attack, yet they are additionally created for an unfavorable purposes, for instance for carrying out a psychic strike on someone. Over there are numerous other objectives such element beings can be developed for.

There are also many other varieties of Energy type that deserve to be created by the Mind. Few of the Martial arts make usage of energy based shields and also weapons, some of which are so an effective that the creator can seem invincible.

In some components of the world, specifically the Far east in locations such as Tibet, over there are people such as Tibetan Monks who have such a high level of regulate over Energy, they have the right to sit for hrs or also days in the snow, in temperatures many degrees listed below freezing, and also not just survive, but actually feeling warm. In fact if they great to they can even melt snow no only about them yet at good distances by controlling Energy by the power of believed alone.

So you see, we have incredible powers to influence energy if we know just how to utilise those powers, and also creating Psi Balls is great exercise for this. By developing a Psi ball you will learn around Energy and how to regulate it, which, together with relaxation and also concentration is an extremely important, due to the fact that it will carry out you through the id you need to succeed with Telekinesis.

Once you have developed your first couple of Psi Balls, you will know, beyond any doubt that you perform indeed have actually the power to manage Energy.

How to produce a Psi Ball

The process of creating a Psi Ball must start with the same measures as because that any kind of power control. In order to effectively influence energy you must very first be entirely relaxed, in the best state the Mind and totally focussed on what girlfriend are about to do. Your Mind and also your whole thoughts need to be focused on the task in hand and not on the mundane things of daily life.

It cannot be emphasised sufficient that there if you room tempted to leave out these prerequisites you will not succeed and also if you execute not success you will easily come to think these abilities space not possible, in which instance they will certainly not be possible. Learning any inner capacity is a procedure of belief, practice and accomplishment, and any temptation come short-circuit this procedure will result in disappointment and also inability to succeed in the future.

Creating Psi Balls assumes the you have already diligently exercised the relaxation, concentration and also meditation exercises as disputed in chapters 2, 3 and also 4 and as necessary that you currently have the ability to fully relax and also concentrate at will by going v the necessary exercises.

Your objective for any inner capacity is to be able to attain the forced state as quickly as feasible so you can focus on the task in hand. After time girlfriend should be able to simply sit on her chair and deeply relax at will.

Commence by entering her usual an individual space, sitting on your distinct chair, closing her eyes and going v the exercises for deep physics relaxation as described in thing 2, but this time do not enable the radiant white round of light to leave v the top of your head, but rather, utilizing your imagination, hold the glowing round of radiant white light in the position of the optimal of her head.

Next imagine the glow radiant white sphere of light to slowly begin to travel back down your body; down with your neck to her shoulders, and then the radiant ball of white irradiate divides into two, one half travelling under your left arm and also the other fifty percent travelling down your ideal arm.

The radiant ball of white light currently travels progressively down her arms to her elbows and also continues progressively down to your wrists.

When the radiant spheres the white irradiate reach her wrists, stop for a moment and an alert again just how bright, radiant and an effective this light is. Feel the energy of these spheres as a warmth as the sunlight on a hot summers day. Feel the power and potential of this radiant shining white spheres the light and also know, beyond any kind of doubt that they will certainly respond to your every thought.

Next location your hand so her palms are facing each other a about 3 inches or 7 millimetres apart, and “cup” them contempt so your fingers curve inwards and the advice of her fingers challenge each other, together if holding an invisible ball.

Now imagine the white radiant spheres of irradiate to travel gradually down from her wrists come the palms of her hand, and also then to merge again between your cupped hands to type a glowing, radiant white ball of light between your cupped hands.

Focus top top this glowing, radiant white round of light in between your cupped hands and begin to feel the warmth glow of power emanating native it. Feeling the warmth enhancing to the point where that actually starts to feeling hot, like the radiant warm of the Sun.

Feel the pulsating strength of this radiant sphere of Energy and also take part time to focus upon it while still feeling its radiant heat, knowing beyond all doubt the this sphere of energy has unlimited potential, and will respond to your every wish just by willing it to perform so.

Next, really slowly start to move your hands towards each other. An alert the resistance together the energy of the radiant sphere of white irradiate resists. The more tough you move your hands with each other the much more the ball of energy resists girlfriend efforts.

Congratulations; you have actually now developed your first Energy Psi Ball! sometimes it is possible to check out your Psi Ball, however not constantly and perform not it is in surprised or disappointed if friend cannot view it. A Psi round is pure energy which cannot normally be seen by way of the physical eyes unless you have actually natural clairvoyant abilities.

However, you constantly have total control over your very own creations, and if you great to physically watch your Psi sphere all you must do is to will it to end up being visible come you. If you pick to carry out this, first keep your eyes closed yet focused in the direction of your cupped hands. Now will radiant sphere of energy to end up being visible come you and really slowly open your eyes just a fraction, enough to check out your cupped hand while remaining totally focused top top the area between your cupped hands. You might then see the Psi sphere as a glowing white, or sometimes electrical blue glowing sphere of light. In fact, even though you have actually your eyes partially open up you space actually seeing the Psi ball clairvoyantly together opposed to her physical eye which are only designed to receive photons of physical light. Now slowly close your eyes when again.

Sometimes that is quite feasible to photograph or video a Psi ball with a digital camera. Of food the difficulty here is acquisition the photo as you cannot physically take it it yourself, and also you can not have an additional person in the room with you uneven you have reached the phase where you can produce a Psi ball at will. If yet you can produce a technique of automatically taking photographs of your cupped hands, over there is a very great chance you will have the ability to take images of your Psi Ball. This is due to the fact that digital photography is capable of photographing energy at much greater frequencies than the human eye can detect, and also capturing the in the type of an image of her Psi Ball.

If you wish you deserve to now “mould” your Psi ball into different shapes. You can do this with your hands yet as the Psi ball is pure power you are actually act this with your Mind utilizing your hands to reinforce your thoughts.

Once you have finished with your Psi ball you have the right to simply open up your hands fully so they are flat and with the palms upwards, and permit it to normally dissipate right into the Universe. However while you have actually your ball of energy why no make confident use that it? You have the right to “program” her Psi round with her thought and also therefore accuse to carry out some helpful purpose such as healing or as we will watch in the following chapter, as a psychic shield.

For healing, focus on her Psi Ball, discovering that it has actually infinite heal power; which it really does have. If you have actually an ailment that you great to it is in healed, tho holding the Psi sphere in your cupped hands, location it versus the part of your body that demands to it is in healed and also then open your hands and imagine the round of energy entering your body and travelling come the area of your body that requires healing. Then imagine the ball of radiant white power bathing the healing area in that is bright, radiant white light, when knowing, past any feasible doubt the ball of radiant, white Divine Energy has fully healed you v its limitless healing powers. Take a few moments to feel the warm, soothing healing power bathing the area that has actually been healed, and give sincere many thanks to the universe while feeling the deepest gratitude for her healing.

Conclude through slowly opened your eyes and taking a few moments to readjust to the physical people again.

Finally, and most importantly; give most sincere many thanks to the universe for the powers to perform what you have actually just accomplished, for the help received, and above all in appreciation because that being a component of All the Is.

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Although in an of itself a Psi Ball has actually no value various other than existing as a sphere of Energy; the procedure of regulating Energy has infinite potential for numerous and also diverse purposes, and accordingly is very well worth learning.