One of countless social features easily accessible to Tumblr customers is the ability to ask each various other questions. The box provided for sending out these messages is referred to as the "ask box." To allow users to access the ask box for her Tumblr blog, you require to an initial enable it in her blog"s settings. To ask an additional user a question, Tumblr uses the alternative to do so straight from the user symbol on the dashboard. This enables you to ask concerns without losing your place on the dashboard.

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To receive Questions

Click the equipment icon in ~ the top the Tumblr dashboard to open up your Tumblr settings. Choose the blog you desire to change settings for from the sidebar, if you"re modifying a secondary blog; Tumblr instantly opens the settings for your main blog.

Click the switch next come "Let civilization ask questions" to enable the ask box for her blog. The link to her blog"s ask box is "".

Enter a title for the ask box page; this appears above the box when world view the page. To have the ability to receive anonymous questions, toggle the switch alongside "Allow cotton questions." Tumblr autosaves all settings; once you rotate on questions, users can start asking.

View concerns sent to you by click the mail symbol on the dashboard. Tumblr advises you to new messages v an symbol next to it when brand-new questions arrive.

To asking Questions

Hover over the icon of the user you want to send a inquiry to; top top the dashboard, this brings up a small pop-up mirroring that user"s details. Click the small person icon beside "Unfollow," and then select "Ask a question."

Enter your concern in the ask box that mr up over the dashboard. If the choice is available, girlfriend may pick "Ask anonymously."

Click "Ask" as soon as you are all set to send the question, or "Close" if you readjust your mind.


View any kind of user"s ask crate at "". If a user does not allow questions, a "Page not Found" error appears.


Allowing individuals to submit inquiries anonymously opens up the door because that a most fun and also interesting questions, but it can also lead come users sending out hurtful messages. If you start to receive messages that make you uncomfortable, disable cotton questions.

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