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Craft a unique Canadian Igloo decorate from street Cubes, Glue, and Styrofoam Balls

Up here in Canada, the snow has started come fall, and the days have actually grown colder and also shorter. It's time to traction our winter boots on and bundle up in our hefty parkas and also head out into the frozen tundra to develop snow homes strong enough to survive the cold, harsh Canadian winter. That course, ns am simply joking, but hundreds of years ago, people actually go live in igloos.

The igloo, or eye house, is a widely well-known Canadian icon. Aside from the good-humored jokes around Canadians living in igloos, they play an integral duty in Canadian history. The Inuit civilization invented the igloo thousands of years back to provide temporary shelter from the cold climate and also winter tundra of the Arctic when on fishing and hunting expeditions.

In this fun crafting activity, learn just how to do an igloo without having to leave the warmth and also comfort of your own home.

Instead, ns will display you how to do an igloo making use of sugar cubes, styrofoam handmade balls, and also a warm glue gun. Over there is no have to bundle up and go exterior in the cold in this funny Canadian activity.

This is basic interactive craft that is advantageous in to teach students about the Inuit human being of Canada and the straightforward structures the igloos. Not only are they an excellent for school, but they also make good decorations because that a holiday-themed display or as unique Canadian party favors.

They space super durable and also will save indefinitely. Wrap them up in tissue record and store them in a shoes box till you are prepared to usage them again. Decorate your North Pole town for Christmas and also then use them as table decorations during Canada job festivities.


Supplies Needed

2.5 styrofoam ballsSugar cubesGlue gunGlue sticks

A few Tips before You Start

Because street cubes are square and also uniform in size, you will not have the ability to make a perfectly created igloo. There will certainly be gaps, cracks and holes and also the cubes won't line up evenly every the means around, yet that just adds to the charm that these little snow homes.Hot adhesive is very forgiving, so if you do a mistake or don't favor the watch of the arrangement, you have the right to gently peel the street cube off the styrofoam and also start again. Don't fuss end it too lot though!To get the curved, round form of the dome, i start building the igloo native the top and also work my way down. If you develop the snow house from the bottom up, friend will finish up v a much more angular-shaped igloo.

Step 1: reduced the Styrofoam Ball

Cut the styrofoam ball in half using a spicy knife. A dull knife may reason the round to crumble or leaving uneven edges. Every ball renders two igloos.

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Step 2: lay Styrofoam Ball flat Side Down

Begin structure your igloo through laying fifty percent a styrofoam ball level side down on the table and also place a tiny dollop of hot glue on the top facility of the dome.