Septum piercings are known for gift an edgy sleep piercing choice, yet they’ve gained a much more mellow reputation recently. Everything your aesthetic, getting a septum piercing is a great way come express her style and show off cool jewelry—that’s why you have the right to see castle on celebrities choose Zoe Kravitz and FKA Twigs.

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If you decide to take a septum piercing out, over there won’t be lot of a map left, therefore it’s a great idea if you’re interested in removed it under the line. However, a septum piercing is such a unique and cool piercing idea that you won’t ever want to eliminate it. Here’s every little thing you must know around the sleep piercing.

Placement: The cartilage the separates the individual nose — aka the septum

Pricing: $40-$90, though it varies by studio and also piercer

Pain level: “I would rate a five,” states Sue

Healing time: three-to-four months

Aftercare: Wash your piercing twice day-to-day with saline solution and be careful not come snag that on anything

What is a Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is wherein a piece of jewel is inserted through the thin wall surface of cartilage the separates her left and also right nostrils. This is generally done v a sterile, single-use needle. First, her piercer will mark the “sweet spot” (where the yes, really piercing will occur). Then, her piercer will host the cartilage in place with either septum forceps, a receiving tube, or nothing (also dubbed freehand). The needle is then inserted using a taper, and the jewel is threaded through and secured.

Keep in mind the septum piercings work with the shape of your nose, and everyone's is unique, for this reason it’s crucial to discover a piercer that is experienced and will be able to complement your anatomy.

more precise from the view of a piercer in terms of needing to get the anatomic ar right,” claims board-certified dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. “Make sure you choose someone who knows what they are doing and have excellent before.”

Pain and Healing Time

Everyone has a different pain threshold, so how much getting a septum piercing will hurt for you often tends to vary from human being to person. However, it’s commonly not too painful once performed properly and also no much more painful than any type of other nostril piercing.

“Normally her eyes water and also sometimes feel the advice to sneeze appropriate after you are pierced,” states Sami Sue, a piercer at pleasure in pains Tattoo in Taunton, MA. “But ultimately, the piercing pain must not be too uncomfortable.”

You can expect to take diligent care of her piercing until about three or four months after obtaining it. It’s normally a pretty basic process, but be sure to keep in mind that climate can influence healing time, and also how well you save up with your aftercare, so healing time might vary. For safety, Outland likes to tell she clients to consider it a brand-new piercing for as long as they have the right to — as in, follow appropriate aftercare and be cautious in basic — to be sure that it’s safely and also correctly healed.

“I usually favor to quote mine clients 4 months or longer,” says Kristina Outland, a piercer in ~ Deep root Tattoo in Seattle.

cost of a Septum Piercing

Although there’s no collection price because that a septum piercing, you can expect to spend in between $40 and also $100 because that a high-quality, well-done piercing—factors choose shop location, piercer, and jewelry.

“Pricing varies significantly from city to city, and shop come shop,” says Outland. “But, I will say, if who is providing a fifteen dissension piercing including jewelry, command clear. You won’t be gaining the quality jewelry her body deserves to line you up for the best possible experience.”


The aftercare because that a septum piercing is nice simple, says Outland. Most piercers recommend a saline solution to clean it, despite Hirsch also suggests using antibacterial soup. Nevertheless of what girlfriend use, make sure you clean the piercing website twice a day until it’s completely healed.

Proper aftercare additionally includes being cautious with your brand-new piercing. Be mindful not to wear any kind of clothing that could snag on your septum ring for this reason as no to pull at and irritate it. Also, prevent playing through it or poignant it in general, as it could reason it to take much longer to heal. Hirsch additionally says no to change your jewelry till you’re instructed to by your piercer. 

“Your body is already great healer, so the saline is just to clean the ‘crusties’ and also buildup turn off the jewelry itself,” says Outland.

Side effects of Piercing

Infection: epidemic occurs in a piercing if friend fail to monitor the suitable aftercare procedure outlined by her piercer. If you’re worried you may have an epidemic in your spetum piercing, save an eye out for an increase in pain, redness, or size post-piercing. “If the piercing seems excessively swollen, check earlier with her piercer and also get your thoughts, or visit a medical professional if that seems necessary,” claims Outland.

Migration: migration is when your piercing moves from its initial spot, which could happen if you nothing follow suitable aftercare. Make sure to record it as shortly as you can and also contact her piercer, as it can lead to an infection.

Scarring: If you don’t take proper care of her septum piercing throughout the heal process, or if you irritate or tug at it, you run the hazard of leaving a scar. Girlfriend will also be left with scarring if you eliminate the piercing for an excellent or if you gain an infection during healing.

how to adjust Out a Septum Piercing

“You absolutely can change out your very own septum piercing if you feeling comfortable,” claims Outland. “While the heal time is approximately four months, I typically don’t indicate trying to change it ~ above your own until about a year or so.”

To adjust out her piercing on your own (after it has fully healed), unscrew the sphere or bend your hoop far from the septum before slowly remove the jewel from the piercing site. ~ removal, be certain to clean the area with a little bit of saline solution. Then, on slide the new, sterilized jewelry through the septum piercing site and also secure the in place.

If you’re having a difficult time transforming out your jewelry or don’t want to perform it yourself, her piercer deserve to do it because that you, despite be warned it will be because that a little fee. Plus, if you visit a piercer, you will do it most likely be limited in jewel selection.

“Keep in mind, part piercers would be willing to change, but some will only use their very own jewelry marketed their shop because of liability concerns the jewel you lug in is not an excellent quality,” says Sue. “Call and ask beforehand!”

What kind of jewel Is supplied for a Septum Piercing?

“A septum piercing should constantly be completed utilizing either a horseshoe-shaped hoop or a circular hoop, likewise known as a CBR,” states Sue. “The gauge generally is a 16 or 14g, and also the diameter or dimension of the hoop depends on every person's own personal anatomy.”

Circular Barbell: A standard barbell is a steel bar v a addressed ball ~ above the finish that is put through a piercing and also secured top top the other finish with an flexible ball. Septum piercings sometimes use one barbells, which curve outward to allow for a much better fit about the organic shape of her nose.

Ring: one more option because that septum jewel is a ring, one item of flexible, bent-into-a-ring-shaped metal. This item is eliminated by stretching it out and also creating a gap between the 2 ends big enough to on slide off. Some civilization with septum piercings choose rings called clickers, which have a thin bar that snaps right into place, connecting each finish of a one ring.

What Jewelry material Is used for a Septum Piercing?

“It is an extremely important that any jewelry is constantly implant grade. No exceptions!” says Sue. “Stay away from any type of shop that supplies nickel or cheaper quality. Cheaply made jewelry will most absolutely lead come infection and could cause other major issues.”

Surgical steel: Most septum jewel is made out of operation steel since of its reputation together the most reliable and high-quality. Don’t gain jewelry do of operation steel, however, if you’re allergic to nickel.

Titanium: Medical-grade titanium is a heavy metal selection for jewelry many thanks to being practically exactly favor steel — except without nickel. That means you’re maybe to acquire the same range of designs without an allergy reaction and also with a an ext lightweight metal.

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Gold: If you’d rather stay far from silver jewelry, walk for gold! simply be sure that the gold jewelry is at least 14 karats — anything much less than that might harbor bacteria that would be negative for your piercing.