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Similar come the newer Nintendo 3DS XL, the Nintendo 3DSis region locked. That method that the geographical an ar in which friend buy her Nintendo 3DS is also the region in i beg your pardon you need to buy her games.

There room three version of the 3DS hardware, according to Nintendo: Japanese, American, and also European/Australian. The Japanese and also European execution of the Nintendo 3DS are likewise an ar locked.

Region complimentary vs. An ar Locked

Understanding the difference in between a an ar free device and one that's an ar locked, is ideal described through an example.

Say friend bought a Nintendo 3DS in north America. Due to the fact that the 3DS is locked right into the an ar in i beg your pardon it to be purchased, it will not occupational with gamings downloaded from Japanese or european markets.

The exact same is true because that the opposite; a Japanese Nintendo 3DS works just fine for gamings in Japan yet will not occupational correctly with gamings purchased native the US.

Here's exactly how you have the right to remember the distinction between an ar locked and region free: if the Nintendo 3DS were an ar free, it would be free to use games from any region. An ar locked way it is locked come only communicate with gamings from a specific region.

Why Is the Nintendo 3DS an ar Locked?

Nintendo described its reasons for an ar locking the 3DS in a statement it sent to video game website VG247 in January 2011:

"Additionally we want to ensure the best possible gaming endure for our users and there is the opportunity that Nintendo 3DS software sold in one an ar will not function properly once running ~ above Nintendo 3DS hardware sold in another. Indict will appear on every packaging that Nintendo 3DS hardware and also the accompanying software. If you room in doubt, Nintendo recommends that you only purchase Nintendo 3DS software application in the region where purchased your Nintendo 3DS system."

There are methods to hack the Nintendo 3DS come "convert" it to a region totally free device, however these approaches are often unstable and also thwarted by software updates.

What around Other 3DS Devices?

Not every one of Nintendo"s 3DS gadgets are an ar locked. The 3DS"s enlarge brothers, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite, are region free. This method a human being who owns a phibìc American DS or DS Lite have the right to purchase and also play a Japanese or European video game without being locked out or experiencing significant technical problems.

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However, this excludes the Nintendo 3DS XL,Nintendo DSi, and also Nintendo DSi XL, i m sorry are region locked.