Click on the globe or the party boat to visit your neighbor, select an adult sim for this task. Click on the house that contains the soccer kit to take your sim to this house. Click on the soccer and select option Practice.

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Moreover, Where is the neighbor’s cat in Sims FreePlay?

Re: Neighbor’s cat If you’re using the neighbor supplied by the game then you will not find any pets. If you’re using one of your own neighbor’s through Facebook then you can ask your neighbor to get a cat. You can also use this link to ask for a neighbor who has a cat.

Secondly, How do you play soccer in Sims 4?

Joining the soccer team is just as easy as getting a job in The Sims 4. You can click on find a job in the career panel and scroll down toward the bottom of the options until you find Soccer Team Player. You can also go on the phone to find these same interactions.

Simply so, Where is the soccer field in Sims FreePlay?

The soccer ball would be in the yard of a house on a patch of grass. If you only have the game neighbor then you will not find it in that neighborhood. You can add neighbors through Facebook or, if you’re using an Apple device, Game Center.

Where do you buy a foosball table in Sims FreePlay?

If you want to buy the Foosball Table it can be found in the living room section of the home store for 4 social points.

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How do you join the after school activity on Sims 4?

In The Sims 4: Seasons and The Sims 4: Get Famous, children and teens can join afterschool activities through their phones, similar to being employed in a career. Teens can’t join an afterschool activity and have a part-time job simultaneously, and afterschool activities are unpaid.

What are soccer balls used for?

Match balls are for game-play and must follow official size, weight and shape regulations. Training balls are meant for practice and recreational use on a variety of playing environments. They are also more durable since they are made specifically to be used for an extended period of time.

Why are some soccer balls so expensive?

Surface. Most high end professional balls today are made from a material called Polyurethane while the less expensive are made from PVC or even a mixture of Polyurethane and PVC. The more expensive balls using Polyurethane create a softer touch and this gives the feeling of a more natural grip on the ball while playing Oct 4, 2018

Can I go to school with my Sims 4?

For the Sim to have good grades, they need to be at school on time every day, and must complete any assigned homework. This is the only way to not go to school, and is only possible in Windows and macOS as consoles do not have the ability.

How do you go to the drama club performance in Sims 4?

The Drama Club Accolade from Del Sol Valley should be available from your Household Inventory in Build Mode. To send Sims to the drama club performance you just click on the Sim you want to send and the option to send them to the performance should be there in the pie menu.

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How do you pick a good foosball table?

– Look for Smaller Sizes. This is the one of the quickest ways to cut the price of foosball tables down right off the bat.– Choose Composites over Solid Wood.– Don’t Prioritize Extra Features.– Think About Tabletop Models.– Final Tip.

How do you practice soccer in Sims 4?

As a trainee, your sim is the bottom of the totem pole. They are going to need to get to at least level 2 of the fitness skill if they want to get better at soccer. You can do this through swimming, running, lifting weights, playing with the soccer ball, and more.

Can you go to work with your Sims in Sims 4?

There are 3 jobs where you can follow your Sim to work. That is scientist, doctor, and detective.

Where do you play soccer in Sims Freeplay?

Click on the globe or the party boat to visit your neighbor, select an adult sim for this task. Click on the house that contains the soccer kit to take your sim to this house. Click on the soccer and select option Practice.

Where is the Homestore on Sims Freeplay?

The Home Store can be accessed by clicking the picture of a chair next to a lamp in the bottom center (larger device) or the bottom-right corner (smaller device) of the screen while at any Sim’s house.

How do I make my sim go to work?

Once your sim’s shift starts at work (not one hour before like in previous The Sims games), you can either wait for the carpool to come and they automatically go, or you click on your sim and hit the “Go to Work” option.

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What jobs can you go to work with your Sims?

The Sims 4 Get to Work Expansion Pack adds Active Careers to the game: Scientist, Detective, and Doctor. You get the choice whether or not you’ll view and control your Sim at work, meaning you can send them to work autonomously like any other Career.