Lines are everywhere. Simply look around you – at your keyboard, your desk, even your hands! In fact, the an extremely words you are analysis right now are built using lines.

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In our basic lines videos, we cover whatever from horizontal and also vertical lines come curvy and also diagonal lines. We’ve acquired a attractive song, and an adorable rabbit rabbit, too.

Here’s some much more info around our mathematics videos for kids.

Lines – why room they for this reason important?

Why do kids need to know about lines?

The an easy answer is this: lines are absolutely everywhere. As soon as you begin thinking about it, you’ll uncover lines on whatever you own. You’ll discover thick lines and thin lines, long lines and also short lines, straight lines and curved lines… The list goes on.

When we find out to recognize lines on daily objects, we become an ext skilled artists. It is why it’s a good idea for an innovative children to listen to songs around lines!

Horizontal lines go left come right

Need assist teaching around horizontal lines? No worries. We cover these side-to-side currently in our heat videos for kids.

Let’s begin by looking at the word: horizontal. Have the right to you spot the concealed word?


Think of the horizon. The a great way come remember horizontal lines.

That’s right! Horizontal has the word horizon in it. That’s due to the fact that horizontal lines go from left to right, right to left, just like the horizon.

Horizontal lines room calm and soothing. They space still and also quiet, slow and unmoving.

Vertical lines go up and also down

What around teaching upright lines? We’ve acquired your earlier for this, too.

Vertical lines go up and also down, down and up. Upright lines stand tall choose a tree, proud favor a flag pole, stable prefer a skyscraper.


Vertical lines go up and also down (or down and also up)!

Look around you – have the right to you point out the difference between horizontal and also vertical lines?

Diagonal lines space on the move

Finally – diagonal line lines.

They’re not quite horizontal, and also not fairly vertical. Diagonal line lines space somewhere in between. They go throughout from high to low, low to high.


Diagonal currently are good for skiing on!

Diagonal lines deserve to seem like they room on the move. They evoke activity and excitement. Just imagine skiing under a slope, or soaring under a ramp on your skateboard. You have the right to thank diagonal lines for your adrenaline rush!

More lines!

You know horizontal and vertical. Now you know diagonal. Room there any more types that lines?

You bet over there are!


So numerous lines come discover!

In ours lines video for kids, we show the result of free organic lines, harsh geometric lines, intuitive gestural lines, happy zig-zags, and ever-growing spirals.

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Who knew lines could be so lot fun?

Basic lines videos – clock it now!

What space you wait for? Learn around the wonderful civilization of lines today.

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