Acid-stained concrete can be hard to look at — and also even harder to clean.

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Removing any form of stain is difficult because most concrete surfaces are not sealed through a stonework sealer, i m sorry we highly recommend.

To remove an mountain stain native concrete, the an initial thing to execute is come clean the surface with one more acid — muriatic acid, specifically. It will should be diluted before using; a 3:1 dilution v 3 water have to do the trick!

Note: this mountain is chemically solid and dangerous, so it is in extremely careful when using this.

Once you use the diluted muriatic acid, it need to start to bubble in reaction come the mountain stain on the concrete surface.

Generally, this must lift the mountain stain out, but you may have to repeat this process a couple of times, so have actually a water water tap handy to flush it out.

Another method of removed an acid stain indigenous concrete is to usage oxalic acid. This acid, like muriatic acid, will likewise need to it is in diluted prior to use. Brush the onto the stain and then let the sit for around 15-20 minute — be certain to save the stain wet; don’t let it dried up!

After keeping the stain wet for the designated time, scrub the mountain stain with a nylon bristle brush and rinse the area well. Never use a wire brush on concrete, the can adjust the structure of the concrete.

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Simple Solutions

Rock and also Roll — next time you require to relocate a heavy rock or rock slab, shot this trick: take a size of 4-inch-diameter Schedule 40 PVC pipe and also cut it right into 3-foot-long sections. Pry up the rock and slip two pipe sections underneath; one near the middle, the other close to the prior end.

collection the third pipe about 12 customs or for this reason in prior of the stone.

Now, push the rock forward until it rolls top top the 3rd pipe, and also the an initial pipe comes free. Then, move the first pipe come the front and also repeat the procedure until you reach your destination.

Popcorn Painting — as soon as painting the walls of a room that has actually a popcorn ceiling, it’s virtually impossible not to acquire paint on the protruding popcorn texture.

Here’s how to neatly and also easily repaint along the peak of the wall:

Run the pointer of a slotted screwdriver about the perimeter the the ceiling, scraping turn off a tiny bit of the texture. The driver creates a tiny groove in the ceiling, i beg your pardon the tips of the repaint bristles right into.

Now, girlfriend can cut in around the ceiling without gaining paint ~ above the ceiling. And also you’ll never notice the small groove.

Question that the Week

Q: Do I have to remove the old epoxy spanning before applying a new coat on mine garage floor?

A: If there’s no difficulty with the — favor peeling or other damages — some light sanding and also a well-cleaned surface space all you should do for prep.

However, if her epoxy-covered floor is skin or has noticeable wear, perform not apply new epoxy — this will reason the epoxy to fail. In this case, you would must grind the surface ago down come the concrete.

Moreover, if the epoxy is in great condition, friend can apply a brand-new epoxy coating end the old one.

Note: If the old epoxy has actually a clean coat finish on peak of it, this will have to be removed prior to applying brand-new epoxy. Check with the manufacturer for the best method to remove the clear coat.

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