Are girlfriend looking to change or repair a door? maybe you desire to clear a specific entryway for helpful or aesthetic reasons? If you answered yes, the an initial step is to eliminate the door native its hinges.

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This task has challenges of the own however with the right instructions and also supplies, it is miscellaneous you deserve to pull off. Speaking of instructions, listed below we show you exactly how to eliminate a door plus tips on making this job a success.

Tool because that Removing a Door indigenous Hinges

You will need the complying with supplies to eliminate a door:

HammerScrewdriverPutty knifePry barReciprocating sawLocking pliers

Step-by-Step overview on how to eliminate a Door native Hinges

Follow these an easy instructions to eliminate a wooden door turn off its hinges. If you are in search of instructions on removed a sliding door, friend will need to follow a different procedure.

Step 1. For sure the door

Pro tip: If you execute not have actually a second pair of hands to help, try sliding a block of hardwood in the room underneath the door because that support.

Step 2. Break any kind of paint seal


Painted hinges deserve to be a ache in the neck and also can do it particularly an overwhelming to remove a door. The only method out is to spend a bit of time to cut away the repaint seal.Use the reminder of the energy knife come scour the repaint seal in between the screws and also the hinge plate.Breaking repaint seal particularly on larger doors can require numerous attempts, so be patient.

Step 3. Lubricate the hinges


Lubrication deserve to ease the project of removing pins and also screws native hinge plates. Just remember the a little goes a lengthy way.

Step 4. Pry the pin


If her pin doesn’t have a hole, simply place the tip of the driver at the bottom the the pin and also tap it with a hammer to pry the pin out.As you push the pen from the bottom, the head should pop out upwards. Use a pair that pliers to pull the end the pen from the top. If you execute not have actually pliers nearby by, try pulling the end the pin using your fingers.Some recommend using a nail instead of a screwdriver to push the pin up the hinge plate. However, because of the tiny striking surface ar of the nail, you hazard injuring her fingers. Also, through an old screwdriver, girlfriend don’t have to worry about it obtaining damaged.

Pro tip: To stop the door indigenous toppling over and also causing damages or injury, the is ideal to start by remove the pin in the bottom hinge then proceed to the 2nd one. For doors with 3 hinges, start with the center hinge, complied with by either the top or bottom one.

Step 5. Take the end the door


With the pins out of the way, you are currently ready to remove the door.

Pro tip: If the door is too heavy to merely pull it off the hinges, shot sliding a pry bar under the door. This will certainly take the weight off the hinges and make it easier to elevator the door out.

Step 6. Unfasten screws indigenous spring-loaded hinges


If the hinges on her door don’t have actually pins, you will must use a slightly different method to remove the door.

If instead of or repairing the door, lay that on a workbench or sawhorses and also take out the screws and hinges. Store the hardware in a safe place if you arrangement to reuse it.

Step 7. Eliminate the trim


If you room looking to replace a door or for part reason, you carry out not plan to reinstall the door, girlfriend will have to take out the trim. This is the casing the surrounds the entryway to offer it a perfect look.

With the repaint seal broken, pry off the old trim. Insert a little pry bar or putty knife in the space left behind by the repaint seal then lift the trim to different it native the wall. Be cautious not to damage the old trim if you setup on reusing it.

Pro tip: To prevent damaging the wall, pivot the pry bar ~ above a block of timber as friend lift out the trim.

Step 8. Remove the door frame


Next, you will desire to take the end the door frame. This action is important if you wish to change the door or must do a major repair or reno.

Congratulations! friend have successfully removed a door from its hinges.

How to change the door

If you arrangement to placed the door back, follow these basic steps:

Lift the door and slightly edge it towards the top. This is ideal done v two people.Align the door with the hinges, one hinge at a time.Insert a pen in among the hinges, best the peak one. Usage a hammer to slightly tap the pin until it is halfway inside the hinge. Move on to replace the pen in the bottom hinge followed by the middle one.Open the door partway to check that it works properly. Then, tap the pins to totally push them into the hinge. The head that the pin need to sit level on height of the hinge.

Pro tip: If the door won’t align with the hinges after numerous attempts, place a block of timber or pry bar under the door. With the door lifted, insert a pin in the hinge the aligns very first then move on to occupational on the other hinges.

Extended Tips

Here room extra tips to assist you gain the most from this project:

If you room unable to remove the pins turn off painted hinges, friend will need to unscrew the hinge set from the door and frame. Then, soak the hinges in a stainless steel pan comprise water and also baking soda.

Bring the water come a cook or until the repaint starts to peel off the hinges. Remove the hinges indigenous the pan, wipe the end the remaining paint with a rag, pat to dried and enable it to cool. You must now be able to tap the end the pin utilizing a screwdriver and also hammer.

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Use vise grips because that pins caps

Some hinge pins come with caps at the top and also bottom. Come take the end the pins, girlfriend will very first have to remove the caps. An easy way to carry out this is come pull the end the reduced cap making use of a pair that vise grips, additionally known together locking pliers. Then, push out the pin, together usual, utilizing a hammer and screwdriver.

Minimal DIY an abilities and the best tools are all you need to remove a door

There are numerous reasons why girlfriend would desire to take the end a wooden door from its hinges. In ~ first, it can seem favor a an overwhelming task however as you can see, every you need is simple DIY skills, the ideal tools, and the right set of indict to finish the project. Together always, when handling heavy doors, that is finest to obtain someone to help you practice the door. Great luck v the next steps you setup on taking after remove the door!