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Knowing how to remove the trimmer head from a Troy-Bilt trimmer can aid you get trimming jobs done in time. Yet why remove the trimmer head? For two reasons:

1. In situation of damage. If the trimmer head is damaged you will must replace it v a new one

2. Secondly, Troy-Bilt manufactures a universal trimmer head the is offered to cut grass and a cutter blade attachment deserve to tackle tougher branches. The trimmer head and also the cutter head connect differently to the trimmer. So you should know just how to easily remove the string trimmer to affix the cutter blade.


Without wasting lot time, let’s quickly dive in on the procedures compelled to eliminate troy bilt trimmer head and also replace with a bush cutter:


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Table that Contents

Removing the SpeedSpool native Troy-Bilt TB525ES

1. Getting Started

To acquire started, ensure the the trimmer cools down after use. Location the trimmer ~ above a flat surface. A workbench or table is ok. The trimmer head should be pointing upwards.

2. Inserting the locking Rod

If girlfriend buy a brand-new Troy-Bilt trimmer, it need to come with a locking rod. Insert the straight finish of this locking rod into the slot noted for by the trimmer. Girlfriend can uncover the locking slot in ~ the trimmer head.

Alternatively you can use a wrench instead of a locking stick if friend don’t have actually one. Just place the wrench into the feet to lock the up. Close to the trimmer head, simply close come the shaft, host down the locking pole or wrench in ar with one hand.

3. Eliminate Trimmer Head

With the other hand free, host on to the trimmer head and twist the in a clockwise motion to remove the head.

4. Unscrew the cut attachment

Unscrew the cutting attachment by utilizing a flat head screwdriver. After ~ removing the trimmer head, the screws that host the cutting attachment is revealed. Revolve the screws anticlockwise to remove them. Place the cut attachment aside for storage.

5. Installation the brush cutter

This is no a strange step to take. Are you changing the trimmer head since you want to change it v something new or you desire to adjust it because you must use a brush cutter? do the turning back to change with new trimmer head.

To change with a brush cutter: ar the brush cutter ~ above the shaft and also then screw back the nuts.

6. Screw-in the Cutter Blade

After screwing in the cutter blade, place back the locking pole or the wrench girlfriend used into the locking hole. This should simply be under the brush cutter. Usage the rod or wrench to organize it in position. Lastly, usage the appropriate sized wrench come tighten the seed in place.

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Removing the SpeedSpool native Troy-Bilt TB525ES

Like countless Troy-Bilt trimmers the end there, the TB525ES comes v a SpeedSpool head that allows you to quickly replace the spool through a new trimmer. Although, it’s not essential to eliminate the trimmer head and replace v pre-cut trimmer lengths, plenty of users eliminate the spool because that the singular reason of clean it up.

Removing the spool is a really easy procedure that also a novice to power tools deserve to do in no time. Simply follow the laid down steps below:

1. For security reasons, eliminate the spark plug prior to attempting to remove the spool. This will aid prevent accidentally switching on the machine.

2. through your left hand, acquire a hold of the Speedspool head. Then located the bump head in ~ the facility of the spool and also turn the counterclockwise to eliminate it.

3.Finally eliminate all peripheral items prefer the bang head, foam seal and also interior spring. Also take out the inside reel prior to you attempt to change the spool loaded with pre-wound string.

Precautions to follow

1. Before removed trimmer heads and also SpeedSpool constantly ensure you take the end the spark plugs.

2. allow the engine the the trimmer cool under if it to be used prior to attempting to eliminate the head.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you must remove the trimmer head since it was damaged or you should use a brush cutter, as lengthy as you follow the measures outlined in this guide you will certainly do simply fine.